Resort Reservation System

Last Updated: 22 Mar 2021
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To be Able to make a Budget earlier for knowing the prices and cost that you may definitely pay. Resort Reservation System is to be able to store the information from the customer and make them a reservation. This project is for the owner convenience, it will help saving all the information from the costumer into a database and manage the reservation properly. Graphical User Interface:


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  • Our System’s Main Function is when we started to Register on our Program and gave all Information such as our Name ,
  • Age and what Cattage that we wants o Reserved and Use.
  • Our System will already make another GUI showing the compilation of reserved costumer information and when the owner wants to see the data of any of the reserved costumers it will show a Message Box showing the complete information of the costumer.

If the user wants to save another reservation from a costumer he will just click the “New Reservation” on the menu strip likewise if he wants to have another inquiry he will just click the “New Inquiries”. It will show how much will be the reservation will cost after clicking the “Calculate” on the menu strip.

All Information that they want to know on Resort Reservation System is already there by just clicking the “About” on the Menu Strip. We create this System to make our Customer Comfortable before taking up on Reservation. Expected project result: If we accomplished to make this Proposal, This project will be used to apply it for the development of our Resort Management and improve the power of Technology. It makes also sense to those whom wants’ a partnership regarding on business.

It may takes of many advantages in our Society and life will become easier to those whom looking for any Resort Reservation system. Justification: By Proposing this System, We can first say that the problem is when the Customer is looking for Reservation, By creating this system makes easy for all customer to know information about the capacity of the Resort by just clicking on this Program, We can say that All Information that they need to know whether its price and Capacity of Person’s, they manage and budget before taking up on Reservation Room or Resort. Let’s make Life Easier!

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