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Hotel Reservation System

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Online Hotel Reservation System Supervisor Mr. G. J. K. November 2012 Abstract Our project is carried out to develop a web-based application called Online Hotel Reservation System. The purposes of building the Online Hotel Reservation System are for guests to make online reservations and for hotel personnel to manage reservations, housekeeping matters and content of the web application. Problems with the current system which were discovered during business studies are time-consuming reservation process, ambiguity view of hotel condition, static content in online system and lack of housekeeping management system.

The Online Hotel Reservation System is significant to optimize the potential of the system, which offer the speed and convenience of one-stop availability check, instant purchase and confirmation in reservation process. The system to be developed would also allow staff to manage housekeeping matters and update all data on the Internet, 24 hours a day, without involving a web designer. Research on this project is conducted by visiting the websites of various hotels and material on hotel reservation all from the internet.

The methodology applied in developing this system is Waterfall Paradigm. In conclusion, this automated system is aimed to save time and money for users thus resulting in high profit to the hotel and better services to the customers. Hotels will need low maintenance cost to maintain the system. The system to be developed would also provide an economical way for the customers to do room or meal booking, or to obtain information. Contents Figures Tables Part1 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Preamble

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The online Hotel Reservation is developedfor COE 497 PROJECT 1 which is one of the final year courses offered in the Computer Engineering programme. The hotel referred to in this project is the KwamengaHotel located in Fumesua, Kumasi. After studying the current system for reservation at the hotel, it discovered that the system did not provide a way for hotel personnel to manage the content of the website. The content of the website is managed by the web designer. The system did not provide housekeeping feature for the housekeeper to keep track their daily work.

Potential guests are also unable to view full picture of the room their going to reserve. The purposes of developing Online Hotel Reservation System for the hotel are to manage the online hotel reservation and contents of the hotel’s website. The application will be divided willbe divided into two core functions. The first function is developed for the online transaction via Internet, which is mainly used by the hotel’s guests whereas the second function is developed for the hotel’s staff to manage the content of the website and housekeeping matters in hotel.

The guests may access the hotel’s official website to get information about the hotel, such as room rates, hotel facilities, location of hotel, and virtual tour on hotel rooms and to make the online hotel reservation that is room booking via the internet. Meanwhile, this application will enable hotel’s administrator to manage the online room reservation,online meal reservation, and housekeeping of hotel rooms. This application is aimed to provide solutions for current system in order to give better services to hotel’s guest.

The application also will become a good tool for the hotel staff to manage the reservations, content of portal and housekeeping matters. 1. 2 Problem Statements The problems that influences the motives for creating a new system for the hotel are stated below a) Time consuming reservation process Online guests have to spend more time to confirm or guarantee their reservations b) Ambiguity view of hotel condition There is not much information provided in current system for guests to know the condition of the hotel that they are going to stay in. c) Static content for online system

The content of their website is static and hotel personnel have no way to control content themselves. They are required to contact with system developer or programmer to update their website. d) Lack of housekeeping management system Current system did not provide feature to deal with housekeeping matters. 1. 3 Objectives * To develop an internet based system that results in significant competitive advantage for the hotel in a highly competitive market by effective advertising and promoting over the internet * To maximize the hotels sales and room occupancy by empowering customer to book their hotel rooms online. To support highly integrated processes and services that cross many business functions and reach out directly to the worldwide customers. * To provide improved services for existing customers while creating new business opportunities for the hotel. * To increase the productivity of the staff by automated shared information and simplified booking process. 1. 4 Scope In this project, an online room reservation, meal reservation, package reservation, managements for reservations, management of system’s content and management for housekeeping is developed.

The guest’s will use the online room reservation, meal reservation and package reservation facilities for room, meal and package booking respectively. Guests will use the application to get information for hotel and may have virtual tour on hotel rooms. The authorized hotel staff will access the ‘back office’ to manage room, meal, package reservation and maintain information about the hotel such as room rates and hotel specific offers. This system would also provide schedule for hotel housekeeping.

For the online room reservation, the scope for the guest’s usage will be focused on the instant room reservation. Meaning that, the guest may reserve the room in advance. The guests may check for room availability and choose the room type they preferred. Guest’s booking will have an instant confirmation. Guests can guarantee their reservation by giving the credit card details in reservation form or by cash deposit. For online meal reservation, guest may reserve their meal from hotel’s restaurant in advance.

They can view the set meal available in the restaurant online without calling to the restaurant. For the ‘back office’, the scope for staff usage will be focused on management works. They can manage the room, meal and package reservation by reading the reservation records made by the guest. Staff will have a complete control of the system’s contents through the ‘back office’. They can instantly update the hotel’s room description, availability, rates, news, special promotions and more at any time, at no cost.

The housekeeping feature will be providing housekeeper a monthly schedule for their work. Housekeeper Manager may easily generate schedule from the system. This is for the reference of housekeeper in order to keep the hotel rooms’ clean every day. The online Hotel Reservation System will upload to the server so that visitors can browse through this system via Internet. Meanwhile, hotel staff can access ‘back office’ via local area network to manage the system’s content, reservation and housekeeping. 1. 5 Contributions 1. 6 Expected Output Part 2 LITERATURE REVIEW

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