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Clothes are the things that have the attributes of color, size, pattern and cut. They are usually comfortable to wear. Clothes are usually being shopped in malls, boutiques and tiangge. An online shopping is an electronic shopping of products that are available online through internet. Clothing is one of the basic needs for humans of all ages. They bring with them the feeling of comfort. This is also a way for you to express your personality and emotions. Thus clothing is important to human existence. Since it is the time of new millennium malls have faced the increasing needs to adapt and sustain the needs of man.

By means of the internet, shoppers can now browse the available items on the web. Online shopping has been dominant in every corner of life. This could help the customers buy the product they want, when they want in the convenience of their own time. For some, shopping can be associated with their identity. Most of the middle to high class society shop online for their own convenience. One of the marketing strategies that Online Reservation and Ordering System should have is to make sure of the availability of the product. They also provide wider area for shoppers. Thus encouraging the customers to visit and patronize the store.

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The purpose of proposing this Online Reservation and Ordering System is to help Salad Dressing in gaining more income and publicity. Purpose of Project Plan This study aims to design and develop the Online Reservation and Ordering System for Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch. This would benefit the boutique since it will be one of the ways that the shop would gain profit.

The proposed system will help Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch by providing:

  1. Less time in purchasing an item and no need for a personal transaction.
  2. Customers can now view all the available products since browsing the website would be in their own convenience.
  3. The boutique would be more exposed to the majority of the public since the proposed system will be online.

Project Scope and Objectives

The project scope covers the online reservation and ordering of available items. Customers can reserve or order the products they want. They can also pay their bills online because of the accessible mode of payments which is by the use of credit cards. Customers can also browse the website and be updated on the latest products that are available in the boutique. The supervisor or the cashier will be the one who will update the product list on the website.

The project team’s main objective is to develop an online reservation and ordering system for Salad Dressing. The system has a web administrator account which can access the content of the system and manage the updates of the product list on the web. Only the supervisor or the cashier can access the said account. This system was proposed to help Salad Dressing Iloilo Branch only. Other than the above mentioned are not part of  researcher study.

Major Functions Online Reservation and Ordering

The system is a way for the customers to browse or access the items available in the boutique. This is made easy by the use of the internet.

Our system would have the following functions:

  • Browse Product Availability -With the use of the system, customers can browse or search available products on the boutique.
  • Products can be Reserved/Ordered-Using this system, it would be hassle-free for the customers to buy the product online since it will take less time and they can do it without personal transaction.
  • Easy Mode of Payment-The customers can pay their due amount through credit cards.
  • Updates the Latest Trend-Since this will be online the customer knows the latest products that were available. • Printing of Reports

Data retrieval would be more convenient and time saving.

Performance Issues

The store where the project team conducts the study has problems with the availability of a certain product that the customer needs for an occasion. Since the boutique is not that popular to the public because of their limited publicity. To prevent this incident, the project team proposed an Online Reservation and Ordering System. With the use of this system it would be more convenient for the customer to check on the availability and reserve of the product a product that he/she needs. This system will also help in their publicity as well.

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