Report on one company’s disappointing experience

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The appliance manufacturer Whirlpool reported negative growth in their sales and complained that the compliances set by the ERP software was running out to meet the challenges by the company.

They also complained that the ERP software was unable to track carefully the shipping delays and the implementation of added software’s which were adding value to the primary software was faced with several implementation and compatibility problems.  Their sales were decreasing because of the difficulty of the software to track effectively and to aggregate the results.

The major problem of file format compatibility, data definition compatibility, implementation issues, data transfer problems and such as the various problems that were making their day to day operations quite easy. Another serious problem was concerned with handling bulk of orders and services. The concurrency control and scalability issues were suffering at a large scale. The combination of various problems suggested that their ERP was unable to fill the promises made by the vendors and resulted in huge losses for the company (, 2008).

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