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One company’s positive experience implementing ERP

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The largest Indian steel industry was quite dynamic to business changes and was on the lookout for capturing better opportunities to gain large market segment for its products and services. The SAP solution was speaking volumes about their immediate response to the market challenges and has successfully captured all their business processes and integration of the functions. (2008) mentions that the company is now able to reap benefits in all aspect and make further progress in each and every operation of an enterprise.

The decision to implement SAP ERP 3 which was an exact match for their requirements and their business process integration. The future forecast was also on the cards while making the decision for SAP. The development and implementation took a lot of time and it was aimed at enveloping all the business domains and tapping the resources of the organization. Thus the final implementation took a lot of time.

The implementation was successful and enables them to safeguard against better techniques for getting the job done. The success rates are phenomenally high and enable one to make the most of the ERP software. The company never got bogged down by the reported failure rates and was quite successful at meeting up with the resource management issues.

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The net result was in the form of not only profits but in increased productivity of the business processes. The speed of their operations enhanced with absolutely no error which deserves great appreciation and attributes for better synchronization with the factors of success (Amoako-Gyampah, 2005).

One company’s positive experience implementing ERP essay

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Why do companies choose to implement ERP systems?

So, therefore, since it is highly time-consuming and error friendly as a result of that, the company quickly realized the importance of implementing the ERP solution. After the implementation of the ERP system, the company was expecting to get a good return on investment over a few years.

What is an example of ERP in business?

ERP Case Study #1: Fulton & Roark. Fulton & Roark, a retailer of men’s grooming products, is an example of a successful ERP implementation. Prior to upgrading to full-featured ERP, the North Carolina-based business tracked its inventory in a spreadsheet and its financial data in desktop accounting software, Sage Live.

Does ERP solution add more incentives than expenses?

But in reality, the proper implementation of an effective ERP solution offers way bigger incentives than just increasing the company expenses. So let’s find out how some of the well-known brands that got tremendous success in their business using ERP solution.

What are the different modules of the ERP solution?

The solution comes with three separate modules of HRM, CRM, Accounting including a separate plugin WP Project Manager to manage all the project management drills of your company. As mentioned, the suitability of an ERP solution for a company can be a common problem to understand these days.

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