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The novel Lord of the Flies begins with a vision of a utopian society and setting but progresses into a disappoint island full of savagery and loss of civilization and innocence. When the boys are originally marooned on a well resourced tropical island, a place with no adults where they are free from the rules and structures of civilization and society, they are excited and ideally believe that they can create a perfect new world for themselves. This is particularly emphasized when Ralph states "But this is a good island. We- Jack, Simon and me- we climbed the mountain. It's wizard.

There's food and drinks, and-" The repetition of the word 'and' stresses how the boys believe the island is perfect and accommodates for all their needs. The true disappoint nature of the island is quickly revealed as the book progresses through the boys becoming murderous savages with a loss of civilization and innocence. The responders can draw parallels between the film Cattle and Lord of the Flies as Cattle too was originally portrayed as a Utopia. The society set up in the film is based around the idea of perfection and conformity where genetic engineering is used to create the 'ideal' human being.

Sound, costume and lighting are used to contribute to the effect of the setting. The costumes worn by Cattle employees are somber uniforms symbolic of an impersonal society and the only people who are focused on in close ups are Jerome, Doctor Lamer and Irene as the rest of the characters within the corporation are shown to not be individuals and there faces are blurred to symbolism this. The white light in Cattle is used to create a sense of cleanliness and artificial sterility reflecting the manufactured society.

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This sterile setting conceals the dark side of Cattle, being one of discrimination towards the "inferior" of society revealing that in fact Cattle is more of a dyspepsia as it isolates those of society who do not have modified genes. Within the society of Cattle, there is impenitent discrimination based on the assumption that genetic manipulation improves an individual. The opening scene begins with the amplified sound of fingernails falling to the floor with the use of extreme close-ups of genetic material, emphasizing the importance of genes in the society.

Any child born without genetic engineering are seen as inferior and prejudice is displayed to them through their limited career paths and how they are treated by the upper society. The themes of superiority as opposed to inferiority are used forewarn humanity that people can oppress capable individuals and discriminate against them for their individuality and differences. Similarly, discrimination and prejudice is particularly evident in Lord of the flies which is shown by how the "littlest" are treated.

The littlest don't even merit names and are treated as inferior rudeness which is utilized when Jack states, "l hope the best prefers Littleton. " The symbolism and repeated motifs accentuates to the responders how the younger children are viewed as useless and not looked after as they are of less importance to the older boys. It demonstrates the lack of care and consideration shown towards the little children along. The older children hope that their own safety can be exchanged for that of the littlest. It is a symbol of their disregard for the younger children and the intolerance shown towards them.

As the book progresses, the boys become less and less unconcerned about overlooking the 'littlest' and as their interest in looking after each other as a community deteriorates, the weaker they become and more susceptible to savagery as they begin to lose their humanity. This serves as a warning to mankind as humans overlook people of perceived less importance and tend to focus on themselves. Even Piggy who represents the rational, intellectual aspect of society and who offered the most helpful advice was discriminated against by the boys and was disregarded and shunned because of his appearances and differences.

These are warnings that in society people are quick to discriminate anyone different to the mainstream, even though they may be of greater importance then initially realized. Cattle and Lord of the Flies both act as warnings to mankind which is exemplified through the theme of identity. The opening scene in Cattle emphasizes the restrictions on society expectations as shadows create a bar like pattern on Vincent body as he scrubs his body of excess DNA material.

This film technique symbolically emphasizes the sense of imprisonment that Vincent feels as an invalid" in that society and enforces how his identity makes him feel trapped in the advanced society he lives in. Vincent states "l belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. We now have discrimination down to a science.

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