Reflection of Educational Philosophy

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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More than ever, teachers have myriad of decisions to make in their classrooms. Naturally, they have to determine curricula, how to rate the students on their work and the specific grades to give to each pupil. However, a teacher's responsibility goes far beyond this. They must decide what other skills would be helpful, or even essential, to live in this fast-paced global environment. Beyond the academics, students need education in intercommunication, diversity and multiculturalism, time management, critical thinking, creativity and expression, and multi-tasking. Many students also need self-esteem building, stress reduction methods, psychological support and just a caring, nonjudgmental hand of support.

According to the class readings, educational philosophy reflects the personal values/principles that guide teachers in making choices in their classroom. To determine these choices, they should take into consideration the nature of reality (metaphysics); the study of knowledge that has been disclosed to man by God (revealed); knowledge that is confirmed trough the senses (empirical); knowledge that is accepted as true because it comes form noted experts in their respective fields (authoritative); knowledge that comes from within (intuitive); the study of objective or subjective values; permanent and unchanging values (absoluteness of values) as well the hierarchy of values.

My hope is that I will have a broad educational philosophy based on my personal and religious values that guides me in the long run, but, at the same time, the ability to see each child as an individual who has his/her unique needs. Each student exists in a different reality of circumstances, is surrounded by and reacts to different sensual stimulation, learns accepted knowledge at a varied pace and aptitude, and has a special mindset and internal belief system. A teacher should not compare students based on their talents or abilities-each child is special in his/her own way. The pupil's strengths should be encouraged and their challenges improved.

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I believe that the students of today must learn their academics. That goes without saying. However, above all else it is essential to instill within them respect for others and themselves, the ability to manage change, and the patience to accept temporary setbacks. As they get older, their life decisions will become increasingly difficult. With a strong foundation of self-worth and the ability to respect the differences and needs of others, it is hoped that they can make the decisions that are best for them and their world at large.

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