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Educational History

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I enrolled in Mentor College which is at my birth town of Mississauga at the age of four years. Between 1994 and 19 97 at mentor college, I went through senior kindergarten and grade 2 respectively. However, my family was forced to more to Ontario following the demands of my father’s career that required to change is place of work from Mississauga to Ontario.

At Ontario, I began my education at the Toronto French School in 1997. While at the school, the vigorous curriculum forced me to start playing competitive tennis as a refuge from the hard school curriculum. Though highly dedicated towards improving my tennis ranking through playing more tournaments, the school was however, not supportive towards students athletics.

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Educational History

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Recommendably, my grade improved from grade 3 to grade 10 in the 7 years that I spend in this school. The search for student athletics supportive school made me seek transfer to St. Robert Catholic high school in 2005. In my new school, I improved in the tennis rankings which gave me the insight of even playing tournaments of higher level. This was still demanding as it required more attention and time for its score.

Commendably, my new school was  highly  supportive  an invitation  which synchronized my efforts  even  towards traveling  abroad  in representing Canada in the  international  Junior  competitions . In  2006, I  transferred   to  Thornhill Secondary  school from  the demand of my  situation  that  required non-traditional education. In my new school, I got an enrolment in its high performance Athletics program which was an invitation towards concurrently completing the required educational courses as well as traveling.

I spend one semester at the school after which I chose to finish the remaining credits at York Region virtual schooling program. This  online program was a great incentive  in studying  abroad, traveling  and  providing  substantial  environment  for developing  time  management  and self  discipline skills.

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