Essays on Illiteracy

Essays on Illiteracy

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The Issue and History of Illiteracy Among African Americans

The Issue And History Of Illiteracy Among African Americans Becca White Writing 123 Instructor Sydney Darby 27 May 2008 Illiteracy is a growing issue in America. The U. S. Department of Education funded the National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS) in 1992 that estimates over 90 …

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What are the effects of illiteracy essay?
Illiteracy leads to an increase in poverty. This is because people without a high education get low-paid jobs. A second effect of illiteracy are higher crime rates.
Why is illiteracy a problem?
Illiteracy impacts all areas. People with poor literacy skills are more likely than others to live in poverty. They also have greater health risks because they cannot read prescription labels or instructions.

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