Radisson Blu Methodology

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The capacity of the hotel is 188 different types of rooms (economy, business class). Also, the toll offers the opportunity for business meetings or special events in the 9 meeting rooms including help of coordinator and personalized menus. These 9 meeting rooms are capable to accommodate up to 220 people. The Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel cooperates with three other service enterprises: restaurant Ever Gusto that serves Italian cuisine, Sunshine Piano Bar which offers various selections of cocktails and Casino Labor.

The Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel enterprise offers facilities such as 1 2-hour room service, free high-speed wireless internet, sauna and car parking. Nightly rates in Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel are from 876 DECK (1 17 EURO). The purpose of this project is to analyze what problems Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel is encountering and be able to conclude with reliable solutions. In this project we are going to focus on two main topics: service delivery system and customer's satisfaction as they are inherent from each other. We will use both primary and secondary data.

The primary data consists of information from questioners that We asked visitors of Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel to answer. The secondary data will be based on reliable books, customer reviews and official weapon of the hotel. Also, we will use two theoretical frameworks in order to make our project valid and make an objective conclusion. The first one will be SMS model (service management system model), which consists of five elements: market segment, service concept, service delivery system, image and culture and philosophy.

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The precise description of five elements of SMS model will help us to characterize the service enterprise of Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel. The second model is The Gap Model. Main purpose of using this model is that it is orientated directly on customer Hotels in Denmark 2014. We will take a closer look on all the possible areas where problem could be at by analyzing each area with five gaps.

Finally, we conducted anonymous survey among hotel clients as we tried being close in contact With the one decision maker - the guests - providers of reliable information. In our project we decided to balance the value of primary and secondary outcome data to prove we took in consideration every possible aspect of customer satisfaction. Therefore we decided to take in consideration customer ' s reviews on page www". Trapdoors. Com considering this page as a reliable source. Applying critical thinking by evaluating customer satisfaction was essential for us.

The reason why our project is going to be based mostly on secondary data is the flexibility of it. All data that is going to be used in our project will be specified at the end of it. We chose to write our project about Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel in Labor because we found this topic interesting. We want to find out how it is possible that four-star grand chain hotel can have so many complaints. And also, we think that this issue is relevantly serious because it is important that customers expectations would be similar to what hotel can actually provide.


As a part of our delimitation we delimiter ourselves from doing qualitative research with the management of the hotel as We did not get the opportunity to talk to the manager of the Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel, as the topic of our project is mostly about customers complains, we understand that the manager was not interested and did not give us an opportunity to interview him. We delimiter ourselves from budgeting how much the renovation and Seibel changes would cost Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel. It is not possible for us to calculate possible budget in this stage as we are not in direct contact with the management of the hotel. Other fact is the prices for materials and labors are also unknown for us.

Problem Area

We were interested to find out what is the reputation and how does Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel deal with the customers. According to the reviews that we managed to find on the weapon www. Trapdoors. Com the hotel had 1 80 reviews and in only 50 visitors rated the hotel as "Excellent" (1 1 travelers) Very good" (40 travelers). This gives us information that only 4 28. 33% of actual customers that rated the hotel were satisfied with the provided service. The most of visitors rated hotel as "Average" (76 travelers) which is 42. 2% and the part that made us focus on service delivery system and customer satisfaction in this hotel was the number of people that rated hotel as "Poor' (39 travelers) or "Terrible" (14 travelers) which also gives approximately 29,44% of unsatisfied customers. Despite the fact that it is a famous chain hotel, which is represented as a luxurious hotel, it has a lot Of complaints. The most common complaint is that the Radiations Blue Limned Hotel is old and due to that customers are experiencing sleeping pattern disorders because of noises. The hotel from outside looks renewed, but inside it needs capital renovation.

For example, as Hotel is next to the famous street Comfort Anne Gad with all bars and clubs of Labor city, guests can hear everything through old, non-sound proof windows. Another complaint would be related to service delivery system. Customers are complaining about the staff and its attitude to hotel's guests. They are complaining that employees are rude, impolite and that they do not perform heir job. And other very common complaint was the price. Most of the customers rated Radiations on BMW. Trapdoors. Com said that the price does not match with the service that hotel actually provides. Our goal is to find the solution how Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel could improve their service delivery system and manage to match the expectations of their customers to what they actually receive after visiting the hotel.

Research Questions

In Order to keep our project well coherent, we will develop three research questions, on which will be based our whole report and which we will answer later. What are guest complaining in Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel in Labor?  Why are customers of the Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel in Labor complaining?  How should the service delivery system be improved in Radiations Blue Limited Hotel in Labor in order to reduce guest complaints?


As already mentioned before, in this project the main focus will be on service delivery system and customers satisfaction. Our main goal is to represent the Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel in Labor by using primary and secondary data and two theoretical frameworks.

Furthermore, based on our gathered information we are going to analyze what exactly customers are complaining about. And finally we will try to make a solution of which the hotel could benefit. We will concentrate on service delivery system and how it should be improved. Theoretical Frameworks In this project we are going to use two theoretical frameworks. The first one is Service Management Model (SMS model), which will help us to represent precisely the Radiations Blue Elmsford Hotel in Labor and also present what toll has to offer to their potential customers.

The second one is GAP model - Diagnosing Failure Gaps in Service Quality. By using Knowledge Gap, Standards Gap, Delivery Gap, Communications Gap we will be able to diagnose where is the main problem and it will help us to conclude with reasonable solution. 4 5. 1 SMS Model The SMS model (service management system model) has the character of a system consisting of components and emphasizing the relations among them. 5 Thus now we are going to use SMS model, which consists from five elements: service concept, service delivery system, market segment, image ND culture and philosophy.

Precise description of five elements of SMS model will help us to characterize the service enterprise of Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel. The market segment Radiations Blue Limited hotel does not have a precise market segment. However, according to www. Trapdoors. Com, 96 customers was visiting hotel for business purpose, which is 53% of all 180 reviews. Besides, in the official website of the hotel it is emphasized that there are available rooms for business conferences. So, we can make a conclusion, that the common guests in hotel are business travelers.

 Service Management System

The location of the hotel is very convenient as it is located in the city center, where customers can use public transport. Besides, Labor train station is 750 meters away and Labor airport is 6 kilometers away, which says that market segment focuses not only on local visitors, but on foreign as well.

Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel is a part of Radiations Hotel Group, which makes the enterprise of hotel to be the part of international group.  Speaking about customers visiting enterprise, they are expecting what hotel says it can provide. However, Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel does not meet customer's expectations and that is way hotel has complaints.

The Service Concept

The service concept often consists of a complex set of values, where some products are more important and may be called core services, while others are peripheral. Also, there are both tangible and intangible services, which is he reason why often it is difficult to specify them in concrete form. The service enterprise Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel sells the rent of the rooms, food and drinks at the restaurant 'Ever Gusto", play of the games (e. G. Blackjack, poker) at the "Casino Labor" and other hotel facilities, such as wireless internet, room service or sauna. All of these services are intangible, except food and drinks at the restaurant. The core product in Radiations Blue Limned hotel is the rent of the rooms. This is the most common service that customers of the hotel buy.

Meanwhile customer's interaction with other customers can be seen waiting in the line in reception, playing games in casino and eating at the restaurant. In conclusion, customer's copulation operates through complaints, reviews, recommendations and interaction with other customers.

The Service Delivery System

Service delivery system depends from three subcomponents: personnel, client and technology and physical support. Service organizations are personality-intensive, which means they are focusing on developing human resources. Client plays and complex role in the service 7 5th edition Marketing for hospitality and tourism - page 231, What Is A Product? 8 organization, since he not only receives and consumes the service but also serves as a component in Its production and delivery. Thus, in a service business, clients must be selected and managed as carefully as employees. Finally, services almost always involve social interactions and physical tools are critical to the functioning of such interactive systems. It is difficult to describe this part due to it is the biggest problem in Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel.

In this part we will describe how hotel is represented in the official website of the hotel. Physical evidence and technology plays a big role as it is grand chain hotel. Exterior of the hotel is good-looking, but interior needs renovation. However, hotel from the inside on the official website looks attractive as well. Customers claims (www. Trapdoors. Com), that in certain rooms smell is not pleasant and because of the street Comfort Anne Gad it is noisy during the nights. On the website it is emphasized, that rooms are modern. Also it states that room services are available 12 hours per day.

The service delivery system does not meet the needs and expectations expressed by the customers. Customers interact with the service delivery system while ordering the room, buying food and drinks, during check in and check out and during room services. However, guests are complaining about employees. It means that personnel have a lack of knowledge how to deliver sciences, when there should work well-trained employees. The image The image mainly depends on what company actually provides and who the customers actually are. Although, deviating from current reality, image can be used as toll for the creation of a new reality.

Radiations Hotel Group has a good reputation worldwide, however it's part Radiations Blue Limited does not have a positive opinion from the customers who has visited this hotel. Considering all information on official website, we think that this hotel is presented as luxurious grand chain hotel and this image is attempted to be establish in the market. Logo of this hotel says "Radiations Blue, Hotels & resorts". "Radiations" is the name of the founder of this group. "Hotels & resorts" is the name of one of the brands that Radiations group owns. And "Elmsford" is the name of the fjord that is next to the hotel. The weapon Of Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel is well-design, it is easy to use. There is provided all information about hotel . Sidemen, accessed on 1 2 of December 9 other Radiations Blue hotels as well. The service enterprise wants their customers to recognize them. And it is already achieved - Radiations Blue operates more than 230 hotels in the whole world and it is worldwide known group.

The Culture and Philosophy

The efficiency of the service organization depends on its culture and philosophy, which shape and rejuvenate the very values and ethos on which the company thrives. The main value for Radiations Blue Elmsford hotel is customer satisfaction. As already mentioned in our project, Radiations Blue Limned Hotel is a part of Resized Hotel group, which is working with "Yes Can! " special customer satisfaction pogrom since 1995. It is a core service philosophy, reflecting and powering commitment to always offer alternatives taking in to consideration guests, supplies, personnel and community. This programmer is applied to all Resized groups and it is a tradition of innovative and contemporary service concepts, based on customer needs.

GAP Model

In order to explain the GAP model itself, it is easier to start with defining and explaining the basic knowledge needed to successfully understand the model. The main purpose of GAP model is to define the service quality that is provided by certain company or organization towards their customers or clients. Logically we should start with explain what the quality and service quality is.

There are many definitions of what service quality is, so in this case we decided to not stick with only one but many other theories of different researchers and scientists as we think it suits for our project the most. Many scientists and researchers are trying to develop certain definition of service quality and service perspective. Gar¶morons presented his research about service quality which focuses on a model that is a comparison between customer expectations of the service and their experience of the service they have received before. This model is named "total perceived service quality'.

The first dimension is the technical quality and this dimension refers to the outcome, what is delivered or what the customer test from the service. The next dimension is the functional quality which refers to the manner in which the service is delivered or how it is delivered. Both dimensions affect the corporate image and the perception of quality in various ways.

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