Trader Joe’s Methodology

Last Updated: 16 Apr 2020
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Methodology The objective of this assignment is to answer the question: Should Trader Joe’s go into the Danish Market? To help answer this problem formulation we have made 6-sub question that research different condition whish must be in place before considering entrance of a new market and the different problem that can occurs. To begin with we have gone through a process of gathering secondary data through Desk-research about The company trader Joe’s, its concept and products. We did the same thing with the Danish grocery market and its consumer segments.

Through our secondary research we came across different issues that Trader Joe’s might face when breaking into Denmark (Copenhagen). First of all, we will need to find a matching target group for Trader Joe’s? (Sub question 1). Having found that, we want to study their buying behavior and see what is important for them when buying groceries? (Sub question 2). Up next we will like to see what determine Trader Joe’s success in Denmark? (Sub question 3). Besides that we will like to see if its success depends on adaptation and should Trader Joe’s adapt and change (sub question 4).

Finally Do they have a chance to compete with the already existing supermarkets in Copenhagen (sub question 5) and what are the difficulties in entering the Danish market (sub question 6) With the secondary information in hand, we also beginning to build up an image of Trader Joe’s as possible target group and of how we can reach to them. (Our assumption of Trader Joe’s possible target group is a young person of both genres between 20-30 of age who is very aware of what he/she eats, want something out of the original and can easily mix grocery shopping and entertaining together. This is just an assumption and we willing to accept otherwise so we set up to examine the truth by conduction research that can give us true primary data. The assignment is based on interviews we did with to experts whish lay foundation for qualitative interviews with 10 grocery shoppers whish then lad to a quantitative survey research with 110 grocery shoppers, for further study. Each step of the interviews and survey were customized to answer our 6-sub questions whish is going to help us answer our problem formulation.

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