Research Methodology – Summary

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Descriptive studies help discover new meaning, describe what currently exists, and categorize the information. We will use desk research as well as field research; we will use both kinds of research because this way we will have the most appropriate Information. Desk research will include telephone Interviewing, online research etc. On the other hand we have field research, this will give us an edge because we'll be out in the field and have interaction with potential customers, immediate feedback etc. Experiments: We can experiment to see if a certain amount of people will actually enjoy and have good views towards Wipers.

Research strategies: * Telephone Interviewing. * Questioning at shops Like Blocker and Supermarkets. * Questionnaires. Personal Interviewing. Purpose of the research: * Finding out the competitors. * Finding out if there is a place for us in market. * Finding out how marketable our product is. * Finding out what potential customers think of our product. Population and Sample: We have concluded that the Ranted regions will be the first regions for our questionnaires to find place at. Because of these regions populations It Is the most appropriate way to have Interaction with many potential customers..

Because of the population it is obvious that it is not feasible to give unlimited samples, therefore a feedback to us and so we will process this data as well. As it is obvious that we want to have the most efficient information out of this selected group there will be some exclusion and inclusion criteria requirements. Include: * Stay at home ; working women or men * Age group of 18-50 * Minimum of 50 and maximum of 80 participants Exclude: * Kids Individuals who never clean their houses themselves ( help in the house ) We will have a letter of invitation for it to be send to our potential participants.

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Within this letter of invitation we will explain the reason of the research, discussion on confidentiality and what the participation will entail. With this letter of invitation will be agreement form, which must be read, signed and returned by participants in order to take part in the research. The time period will be two weeks. Participants will experience using the product and have their feedback on a written document as well as face to face interviews ( this tit only a again selected group ) Our analyzers will have a week time to process the gained data in the research.

Data collection methods and procedures: As previously stated we intend to carry out a qualitative research design, In order to do so it requires us to have one on one interviews with the interviewees. This allows the interviewees to discuss their opinions and experiences. Having said that, there are also different kinds of interview styles. There is the semi-structured interview which has a prepared topic guide or certain amount of questions to be covered with each participant.

How long the interviews will last depends on the kind of interview which will take place and on the participants' responses which will lead the direction and length of the interview. Participants will be ensured of their anonymity as well. Data analysis: The purpose of data analysis is to organize and provide structure to the research data. Qualitative data analysis occurs in three phases: description, analysis and interpretation. We will transcribe the interviews and carry out analyzing of the transcripts.

Furthermore we will go on and complete a reduction in data through categorizing ND identifying similar information of the data we have gathered throughout the data and compare variables. Validity and Reliability: Validity is understood best by the question: 'Are we measuring what we think we are measuring? And reliability is the degree to which a test consistently measures whatever it measures. So to test the validity and reliability we will perform a pilot study which is a brief and limited version of the planned research and which will help us identify any weaknesses in the plan and allow time to rectify any necessary amendments.

A pilot study will allow us to make any adjustments before the main event takes place. Ethical consideration: All research studies present a number of ethical and moral concerns which must be identified and addressed prior to carrying out any research study in order to protect all participants from potential harm. Therefore we have asked our participants to sign a consent form ensuring them of the confidentiality and informing them about the nature of the research. However, we don't expect any ethical dilemmas to occur because of the nature of our research.

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