Quality measurement of management diversity

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Maxwell and Murray revealed the result gathered from the interview conducted from the two national hotel chains in Scotland. From the answers gathered from the questioneers, they were able to discover from 4,500 employees of 40 hotels in 1999, that the managing diversity was reflected in all the systems of the sample hotels researched. They argued that the response to the market forces, the strategic planning, human resources policy and practices were all reflected in the practise of the organisations.

From their analysis, it was revealed that in these hotels, due to the problem of recruitment, they were able to specifically tap their diverse labour from minority racial group and disable people. Moreover, shortage of skilled hotel work force had resulted in forcing Stakis Edinburgh hotels and Scottish Highland Hotel to tap their labour force from minority group. (Maxwell and Murray, 1997). Moreover, a study conducted by M. Jansen Verbeke and L.

Stell on two international hotels in Belgium and Holland, the Hilton International and the Holiday inn revealed that there were just few difference in the practice of the managers of the two international hotels with relations to the issue of solving technical and general problems. They further asserted that the management solving tactics of solving conflicts, the social code and the tactics in dealing with their various customers were of no or little difference. (Verbeke and stell 1996)

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In UK, the importance of managing diversity has gradually taken its influential effect in most Hotels. Kandola and Fullerton analysed in their book that the importance the increase in the standard and quality of service offering has led to the improvement of market potential of major Hotel in UK. Thus as there are more diverse in the society, the service will be in line with type of hotel customers. Gardenswartz and Rowee considered the changing nature of demographic structure of the hotel customers has been due to the ethnic group of the employees of hotels that contribute to the hotel sales.

( Kandola and Fullerton, 1994) Maxwell & et la emphasised the commercial importance managing diversity in the hotel industry. They argue that the full utilisation of human resources are mostly emphasised the hotel sector. Thus Cassell put explicit argument on the importance of diversity management. He argued that the practise of equality among the workforce with relation to Hotel industry is the development of record of accomplishment of success. (Casell 1996) Debates among scholars have risen whether there are qualities on which hotels sectors could realise.

Christensen-Hughes, Julia in his article titled “Cultural diversity: the lesson of Toronto's hotels” observed that there positive and negative effects the hotel sectors can realise from diversity management. He pinpointed that any hotel that is aspiring for growth should emulate the corporate culture that favour diversity. He further asserted that the hotel’s management policies should be tailored to resolve conflict among the employees. This is by allowing the employees to voice their concern to the appropriate management.

( Julia,1992) He further made an explicitly analysis by pinpointing the fact that hotel that disregard the value of cultural diversity in its organisation will be leading in having deteriorating guest service and lost of human potential. This may lead the hotels and its employee to lose their true potential, which will lead to conflict. Moreover, from his article, he argued that the hotel that are able to commit to management diversity will be able to attract new market and providing the quality service. (Julia 1992).

In 1989 Comen in his article titled "Making Quality Assurance Work for you, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration” made a detailed report of the implementation of quality programs with relation to diversity management in the hotel industry. His analysis was focused on four hotels and was able to find out the effect the quality assurance program on Boca Raton, one the U. S. hotels. His findings were due to the involvement of employee and their commitment was the key that brought the higher performance to standard of Boca Raton Hotel.

Comen further appraised the ability of Boca Raton’s management in solving problems and their efficiency in data collection. ( Comen 1989) Thus, Comen recognised the importance of cultural diversity to the hotel environment, which has driven the quality assurance to the hotel environment. He further identified the importance of teamwork and its quality to the organisational efficiency. From his analysis, teamwork is an important strategy for the organisational success and improvement in standard and quality management.

Thus, Comen further pinpointed that quality on its own could not be realised without team culture in any organisation and this was what Boca Raton had been able to adopt in its organisational policies. (Comen 1989). Maxwell & et la review the benefits the diversity management might add to the organisational success. He further stipulated that research has shown that there were important benefits which hotel sectors might achieved if adhere to managing diversity. He further argued that a number of measurable benefits had been realised by utilising the skills of diverse employees.

(Maxwell ,1997) Gardendenswart and Rowe attributed the benefit of managing diversity to the increasing of market access to the hotel sector and healthy return to of investment of human capital. ( Gardendenswart and Rowe 1998). Ross and Scneider, argued that the hotel were able to retain the best talent from the employees by adopting management diversity. (Ross and Scneider,1992). Moreover, in 1994, McNerney was able to establish the fact that diversity approach within the organisation add to company creativity (McNerney 1994).

Thus, Ross and Schneider,on their own agrees that it reduced the costs of production within the organisation and further reduce the absenteeism. (Ross and Schneider, 1992) CHALLENGES OF MANAGEMENT DIVERSITY Green, Lopez, Wysocki and Kepner review the challenges the hotel organisation can be facing by implementing the dynamic management. They asserted that by employing people from diverse population, an organisation stand to acknowledge the diverse behaviour within the organisation.

Thus, the management should be ready combat discrimination and must be able to recognise the value of differences. Thus, management must be aware that loss of personnel within the organisation is indispensable and if care is not taken, this may lead to decrease in the quality of service, complaints and may lead to legal action against the organisation. Moreover, they analysed how discrimination may lead to negative attitudes of the employees which may damage morale among workers and the work productivity. (Green & et la .

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