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Written communication: Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. It is one of the two main types of communication, along with oral/spoken communication. Written communication is very common in business situations and they use this type of communication a lot. Written communication includes reports, orders, memos, instructions, rules, policies, agreements, and minutes.

Visual Communication: Visual communication is direct face-to-face communication between two or more individuals. Speeches, presentations, discussions, meetings are all forms of oral communication. Face-to-face communication is very easy and useful and you could build a rapport and get people to gain trust in you.

Verbal Communication: Verbal communication has more to do with listening than speaking because you are always dealing with an audience. It is one way to communicate with someone face-to-face. Telephone conversations are very useful for this type of communication. People who use verbal communication can share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions by way of them communicating. Staff and students in CCA use this communication every day.

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Non-Verbal Communication: Non- verbal communication is any kind of communication not involving words. When the term is used, most people think of facial expressions and gestures, but while these are important essentials of nonverbal communication, they are not the only ones. Nonverbal communication can include vocal sounds that are not words such as grunts, sighs, and whimpers. Even when actual words are being used, there are nonverbal sounds such as voice tone, pacing of speech and so forth. When you use non-verbal communication you can use your hands to move them around or your body to get the message across without saying a word.

CCA exam results: When students are in year 11 they start to take their GCSE exams in the summer. This will give them opportunities for what they want to use at college or sixth form. However, CCA need to provide students with their results they using a document to present their exam results. After students have taken their exams the exam board will sent a document of all the grades they have achieved in their exams. This document will be given to the students so they know what grade they have got.

CCA will provide a certificate to the students who have passed their exam. This certificate will be proof that they have passed it and it can be shown when they apply for sixth forms, colleges or even at a job interview. The document includes the name of the exam they have taken, the board they have taken it in for example EDEXEL or AQA, the exam number, the time of the time, the date of the exam and the duration of the exam. This exam result document will also include all the students' personal information, for example date of birth and full name.

The document is not very attractive; it is just a simple piece of paper that has all the information about the exam. It is very easy and simple to read. There is nothing fancy in the document. However, the certificate CCA make for all students when they pass the example is very attractive and it is made out of very hard paper which shows affection as CCA will put a lot of work just to make one certificate perfect. For CCA to make the exam result documents they had to use couple of methods to make it work. They used web based to make a suitable and presentable design to put on the certificate. Students feel very nervous when they are getting their exam results.

They do not mostly care about what it looks like; they just rush to know what grades they got as it can change their life. This is why CCA do not spend much time making these documents as students will not pay attention to anything apart from their grade. The improvement CCA could make would be to make the document more interesting and colourful. This would make the document more interesting and attractive. I think using a document is the right type of method to use as all they are getting is there exam result it does not need to be presented or any other sort. So I personally thing document is the perfect method.

For my report above, I have chosen to use a document. The reason for this is because it is a much easier way to present my report out. I think using a report is one of the best methods. This is because it takes less time to use it and it looks very smart and professional without adding any colour objects or font. It is also easier for my teacher to read it. The font is also very clear which means my teacher will not have any problem reading it.

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