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Medical School Personal Essays: You Advertise Yourself!

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If you are not interested in medicine and health care, you probably do not know what medical school personal essays are. But in case you decide to pursue a career in medicine, you had better read this article as it explains not only the essence but also basic development techniques that can be applied to medical school personal essays.

Basics of medical school personal essays

The basic point you should remember about the medical school personal essays is that they are written for the purposes of advertising or even selling your talent, skills, and qualifications to the medical school you choose. In other words, such an essay can be viewed as a kind of advertisement in which you objectively explain the admission committee of the school why they should enroll you as their student.

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What to include in medical school personal essays

Drawing from this, your medical school personal essay should necessarily include:

  • Statement of your name and intentions;
  • Explanation of the reasons for your writing and for applying to this particular school;
  • Account on your education and, optionally, professional experience;
  • Your ideas about the study in that school;
  • Your plans regarding the use of experience you get while studying in this particular medical school.

What not to include in medical school personal essays

Accordingly, your medical school personal essay should be a detailed but objective account of your personal and professional experiences and plans. So, you should not include boasting or some invented information that has no actual relation to you in reality. Simply do not write that you have a PhD in healthcare if in realty you do not!

This essay was written by a fellow student. You can use it as an example when writing your own essay or use it as a source, but you need cite it.

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