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Person Who Changed My Life

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We all have people who have changed our lives. People can change your life in a positive or negative way. My grandmother Esther changed my life in a positive way. My grandmother basically raised me. She changed my life and I am glad she did. My grandmother was a very hardworking woman. She valued education even though she never received an education during her childhood. It really touched me the way she would try to help me and give me advice. This made me work extremely hard in school.

My grandmother taught me how important it is to tolerate people and certain situations. She told me showing people respect will get you a long way in life, as well as seeking help in hard times and facing problems instead of running away from them. Because of this, I try to see the good in people and over look the bad. When I have a problem I think of ways to solve it. When I cannot find a solution I ask for help before things get worse. She was very humble and kind.

She did not let people take her kindness for weakness. She did not mind helping people. When you are wrong you have to swallow your pride and say your sorry. That is one thing she always did and taught me. The word love is used to often these for small things that do not matter. Few people understand what love really is. It is not trait we are born with like the color of our eyes. We have to learn to love ourselves and others. If you love some one you show it through actions and help them change if they need to.

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Person Who Changed My Life essay

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