The Accident That Changed My Life

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Last Updated: 10 Aug 2020
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All good things must come to an end as I got my worse day because of underestimate time. I liked to drive with high speed and did not think about my safety. I always go to some place in short time because I trust my self that I am a good driver. As my mother remind me on June that I should go to school earlier because it was my examination but I took it easy. We might consider that we are good in something, but actually it can be just our lucky day.

Everything happen in Ramadhan while it was rainy season in Sidoarjo. I went to school at 6.30 a.m, “What time will you go to school? It is your examination day, isn’t it?”, said my mother from the kitchen. I answered the question with the underestimate answer, I believe on my driving skill and my motorcycle that I can ride it less than 30 minutes and I won’t be late.

Actually, the road was more crowded at that time. And I did not expect it, I drove my motorcycle 60 until 80 kilometers per hour because it is such a common thing for me to drove with that speed. But suddenly “Tik Tik Tik”, it was rain in the morning. And the rain is harder as hard as my speed. I force the speed faster because I did not want my uniform getting wet.

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I arrived at the bridge, and I did not expect that the bridge was very messy. The rain is getting harder and I can not watch my surrounding because it close my helmet. Then suddenly “Brak!!!!”, Everything happen in a second. When I opened my eyes, I already on the road with many blood on my body. Everyone helped me to stand up and also my motorcycle, I called my parents after I realized that I just got the accident.
My father came and brought me to the nearest clinic. “It is okay, everything is okay. Your motorcycle is okay, you don’t need to be worry with it”, he said while laughed. When I arrived at the clinic,

I was so afraid because I thought the doctor will bring me to surgery room. But actually she just cleaned my wound with alcohol and give me the medicine. The doctor and I shocked because we are neighbor. And she laughed because she knew the reason why I got injured in my body but I was crying at that time.

And the effect of accident make me realized about precious things in my life. I have to take follow up examination because of that accident, and actually I already booked the place for my 17th birthday party. So it was my valuable gift because I knew that I should manage my time well and never think that I can face any obstacle on the road with high speed. I get many birthday gift with notes “Don’t drive with high speed again!”, “Hope you can learn something from the accident”, and something else like that.

In fact, every moment in our life can teach us priceless lesson of life. We never know when will we get an new things, it can be in our school, our society or maybe our own life. As I get the accident,

I think it is very useful for my own. Maybe now I am afraid to drive when it is raining, but I also get how to manage my time well so I do not need to feel I am late. I feel very careful when I drive my motorcycle or my car.

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