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College Hazing That Changed My Life

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R&R “The College Hazing That Changed My Life” Right from the beginning line, Thomas Rogers, sucks me Into this story. It takes guts to start something off like that and pull It off, but he did. I found It very amusing, hilarious, and dangerous.

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College hazing are no Joke If they are anywhere near the level he describes this one as. When he states, ” College Is a strange time… We’re free to make an extraordinary amount of mistakes and end up In situations that may not teach us much… ” I began to think about next year when I start my college life and what exactly Is In store for me.

I hope Its not a struggle balancing everything and ring to pass my classes. When the author begins to describe his childhood I feel Like I can relate to him. My brother got most of my parents athletic ablest so I have to make due with the amount that I have. We both are tall, also clumsy even though we don’t want to be. You don’t get to pick how tall you are, what traits you have, or If your athletic or not. You have to make due with what you have and find something that suits you. That’s one thing that I believe the author was trying to get across. He showcases that by doing something out of the ordinary and joining the rowing team.

Also another thing that I believe he tried to get across is to strive for what you want. He went through two weeks of tryouts to Join his universities varsity crew rowing team. Then he finally made it and had to then go through hazing. L believe that if you have to become a sock in order to boost your self esteem that you have issues you need to sort out. No one should have to do that to feel good about themselves. Finally, he tried to get across that you don’t have to be normal its okay if you’re not. Embrace and find excitement in whatever it is. Be your own person.

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