How Reading the Novel The Alchemist Has Changed My Life

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho a personal legend serves a big part of life of a person which someone can live a pleasing live. Like the boy, Santiago, had trouble in recurring his dream. Also over his journey he found obstacle that would be impossible to realize his dreams or get to his real personal legend, but there was always a new path in his journey until he realized his dreams. So when I read until now “The Alchemist" makes me think deeply about fighting for my dreams no matter how many obstacles there is and work hard to get to my personal legend. first of all, in this book make me think of what a hard time this boy had because I would have the same experiments as the character, Santiago, when he left his family to go and realize his dream in being a shepherd to travel and see the world, he pass to really hard time to find his real personal legend and he struggle in his journey for the reason that he wanted to find his personal legend.

This is because I have to follow my dreams and get out and don’t think of failure and take the lead to success. Is hard to get out and find my personal legend because I have leave my family and they would sad about, but I have to think that there is a good side of everything that they would be happy for me and I would find my path to where the creator, the god of heaven, want me to be. The life of this boy is a good example for me because I have to take the first step to go to the world like Santiago did, he asks for the blessing of his father and his father just give him an advice to stay and be priest, but Santiago didn’t to, he insisted, at end he said nothing and gave money to the boy and let him go. This part of the book make me think in living home and finally been in the real world and don’t fear about the world. I have to go on and follow my dreams to the path that will take me to hard place and struggle a lot to find my personal legend.

I thought a lot in the way that life is hard and is hard to find my reality. I have to look the reality of a hard life. Secondly, the boy went to the real world and meet new people that were good or bad. This is very hard to be all alone in world because we don’t know what kind of people we would meet over the time in our journey. They could be good like the old kind, give him advice that the only obligation in life is to realizing his dream. That kind of people are good in my live because I would have hope to go on and follow my dreams and I would be stronger to go the world in the place of sadness as we go on deep to it. I got convince that there would be people that will help me to get to my personal legend and other would get me far from it. I think like this because I will get convince that this person that I trusted was not the person I thought he or she was. Santiago had an experiments about a person that he thought would help him to get to the pyramid and get to his personal legend, but that friend he thought he was stole his money and ran away and said noting, he was disappointed of that boy was going to help him. I now think more deeply about people that I thought were my friend and that will betray me in my life, event family. In addition, this kind people are the people kind of people that would take me far from my dreams, but I think that there will be new friends that I will meet in the future and don’t worrier about it and think next time that I can’t thrust all the people in this world.

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Thirdly, another lesson that changes my life is I will fear the world because there is a lot of obstacle in life, but I have to enter the world and realize my dream. Santiago experiences several form of fear throughout his journey; such as a childhood fear of having the gypsy woman interpret his dream the gypsy, by joining the desert caravan, and the physical fear of dying in the battle at Al-Fayoum. The old kind told him that the universe helped those who pursuit their dreams. He never gives up because of his fear; he always goes on to get to his personal legend. I want be like this because I want to be happy in life and said to myself later in the future that I did all I dream. There were some people in the book that didn’t realize their dreams because they fear of something in their life. For example, fear dominates “The Alchemist’s weakest characters”, the Chrystal merchant fear in someone rules his life. Although he wanted to go to Mecca required of every Muslim, he fears that if he went to where he dreams, then after there was nothing else to live for. As a result, this entire people were deeply unhappy because fear is one of the obstacles to be happy in their life. This teaches me a lot to know that I have to be like Santiago not like this people. I have look out for all of my fear and destroy them in my thoughts and forget about them.

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