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The High School Experience That Changed My Life

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There is this high school experience that made me realize that I can do extremely well in business. It all started way before I joined high school; to be exact, when I attended an agricultural show in the district. That day, I saw a beautiful animal at the show and asked my father to buy it for me. Since that day, feeding it became my responsibility; I kept her as a pet. Everyone liked her, including my friends and all the visitors that came by. However, there was this visitor, different from all others; a tourist who spent most of his life working in Africa. My father invited him for a cup of tea. When he saw my rabbit, he offered to buy it at a very attractive sum of money. I never thought that rabbits were edible; I I could not sell him this one. I decided to keep it since it gave me a reason to be happy.

Later, my father looked for a male rabbit and gave it to me as a surprise gift on my birthday. On my final year in primary school, the rabbits had multiplied to a total of ten. I was sure I would go to a distant high school, so the best idea was to sell them. I wanted to sell all to one or two customers, but getting them proved was a difficult tas. I took a photo of one of them, fixed it on a manila paper and wrote in blocks, "FOR THE BEST RABBITS IN THE WORLD, SEE ME." I took a bus to the nearest tourist site and placed the poster on my back. Luckily, after three hours I got somebody interested. He offered to purchase my sale at a favorable price, so we took a bus home and he bought them. The following day I was to report to my new school. My father would not accept to keep the money I got, so I decided to carry it and keep it at the high school's accountant.

On my second year in high school, I noticed that some students did not manage well with their pocket money. They would finish them before the semester was over, and probably lacked money during trips. I decided to lend them at a small fee of five percent per month. Most of them would pay as soon as the next semester started, which was exactly a month after the previous. I always had a client waiting, especially during school festivities, sports and trips. To avoid authorities' speculation, I decided only to lend to my classmates. I was not sure whether all would pay, but I decided to take a risk. In the final year, I was extremely happy: I doubled my initial amount. My parents baffled over the whole idea. Since then, they called me the finance manager' and highly encouraged me to pursue a financial management course. I, also, decided to set up a financial institution in future.

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Tutoring Math in the University teached me how to develop good relations with people and maintain them, identify their motivations and to adjust to a new environment. It also taught me how to communicate ideas in a straightforward manner and present them effectively. I believe these skills are very essential in business. I expect to continue making improvements in my career by reading financial journals, advancing my training in computer applications and attending professional conferences and seminars. I also will make sure I will take and pass my CMA exams in future. I also hope to do part-time consultancy services alongside my formal job.

Two years from now, I will have my Masters of Management-Early Careers Masters attained. In the next five years I will work for a well-established non-banking financial institution. In addition, I hope I will have the opportunity to develop my management skills, maybe by managing a small number of staff. By the time I hit forty years, I hope to have enough capital to start a banking financial institution in my country. To finance my development programs, I intend to seek for scholarships. I will also use a part of my salary to fund my education.

The UBC's School's Master of Management program will be the best to transform me from what I am to what I should be. I have a strong background in Mathematics; so MM in OR is the best course for me. What attracts me most to UBC is that their finance and entrepreneurial programs are unique and innovative. In addition, I am confident that my practical knowledge of management will multiply by interacting with my classmates. I highly value the fact that UBC's MM in OR education does not only revolve around the classroom, it rather continues through the COE industry partnerships and various extracurricular activities the school participates in. This allows candidates to acquire strong quantitative and consultancy skills. I strongly feel that the best management school should balance between theoretical works and real-world applications. Additionally, being a candidate there puts one in a higher chance of acquiring a job; if I do well in the industry, I will get hired.

I am, therefore, glad that UBC's curriculum and the hands-on experience with partnerships, associations and management field study enhances such balance. I well know that to succeed in life I have to put my focus on what is essential to achieve my goal. Therefore, it is crucial that I know what I want, and it will help me reach where I need to be. This is a self-reflective process, which is quite hard but helps one identify why he needs what he does. Choosing where you want to study and to make an application is part of that process. I have taken quite some time to research on all the options that are open to me. UBC, from my research, is my best choice.

Education is like an investment: the more you dedicate to it, the better reward it gives back to you. This has been my driving force throughout my education and will always be. I am a very industrious student who is always on fire to come up with new plans and solutions. Helping people is one of the goals in my life. Since I was young, I have participated in many community development and environmental programs, mostly as a volunteer. For instance, apart from the volunteer activities indicated in my resume, I always attended tree-planting occasions in my area. I also attended several clean-up activities in my high school years. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Business, Administration and Finance at Washington State University.

I also have exceptional interpersonal skills and served as head of Math and Science clubs in school. Additionally, I was a class prefect for two years, a position I well-held. Moreover, I volunteered as an orientation assistant in University during spring 2011. This, accompanied with my excellence in teamwork and good communication skills, puts me at a good potential of making a good manager. I have always aimed to lead in my life; and to be led by a strong leader has always made me happy. It is my wish that the world makes more good managers, good leaders in all fields, and especially in business, which is the backbone of our economy.

Since my second year in university, I have often compared UBC with all the other alternatives and finally made up my mind that this is the University I want to study in. My decision is influenced by the university's impressive reputation in research and teaching.

I am certain you will appreciate to have me as a student in this facility due to my excellent leadership and organizational skills. I am goal-oriented and always committed to achieving excellent results in all the assignments, tasks and projects I undertook. I already have established goals and so I work hard in order to achieve them. This made me maintain a high GPA throughout my school life. I have maintained a remarkably high overall grade point since 2008, and I am sure this exceptional performance will continue even in the management school.

Though I do not have any experience outside school, I am confident I will do remarkably well in my career based on the high academic qualifications I possess. For instance, I am honored with the President's Honor role and the $ 2,000 International Freshman Academic Award since 2008 to present. I am requesting you to give me a chance to do this course in your institution. I am confident I am the best candidate for this course since my creativity, intelligence, skills and hard work are adequate for it. Doing so will make me be of immense help to my community back at home and at all other parts of the world. I have enormous potential as a student and will be proficient both in academics and research at UBCUniversity.

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