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During the period, 1877 to 1900 United State became the most industrialized nation in the world. This consequently increased organization and cooperation in state. Industrialization therefore, made many changes in business, environment, workplace, home and everyday life which increased organization and cooperation during that period in United State. There are many factors that lead to industrialization which include enough resources. New technologies, improved infrastructure availability of capital and cheap labors. Therefore through industrialization business expanded and modern cooperation became important form of business organization.

( Longacre, 2003). Cooperation was enhanced by business leaders in the process of coordinating economic activities in wide geographical areas. Requirements for businesses to incorporate, were reduced which encouraged partnership form of business this gradually increased cooperation in United State. Growth of industries such as mining industries brought people together in there working areas which enhanced cooperation. People who were in charge of those mines cooperated with workers and between themselves to ensure that work was dine in perfect conditions.

Therefore increased organization and cooperation was high during this period because of business and activities which brought different people together. Business leaders became more organized in their work. This was brought about by the skills they acquired to enable good learning of the business. Cooperation was very important to enable better understanding between the workers and their supervisors. Through these two measures, cooperation and organization enhanced growth of the state. Dramatic changes in US role in international events from 1877 to 1918

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1877 to 1918 is the period whereby United State began its rise to international power. Population and industrial growth grew rapidly due to its rise in international power. Also during this period some many imperialist stated to venture abroad because of its growth in international power. Also during this period United State became a leading global industrial power coming up with new technologies like telegraph, rail road were expanded and it had so many natural resources to facilitate the second industrial revolution to emerge successfully.

It’s on this period that United State Liberated Cuba from Spanish rule. It’s also co-operated Hawaii and Puerto Rico. It acquired Philippines and the end of Spanish American war and this war enabled after suppressing an independent movement in war which had resulted to so many Filipino civilians During this period, United State entered in World War I as Allied power and after shifting because of war it resulted to United States being declared a major military and financial power.

It’s at the beginning of this period that reconstruction came to an end since the northern block had lost interest in trying to protect the southern blacks from the southern whites. This end of reconstruction marked the beginning of period of civil rights and civil liberty for African Americans in south and this resulted to creation of segregated society with southern whites’ elites. It’s during this period that Dawes Act changed United State Indian policy. Rail roads as a central to progression of late allowing the United.

Railroads are the main facilitation of most progresses achieved in limited state in the late 19th century. This is because its one forms of transport that is heavily relied on in United State in business and agriculture. First through construction of these railroads, it boosted the growth of some businesses like steel companies where raw materials were obtained from. This also created labor for those who were employed in those construction sites. Through its construction it played a big role in business since transportation of materials for industrial use won facilitated and also provide means of transporting finished products.

Businesses gradually grew which resulted to declaration of United State as industrialized country. Also in business it provided employment since during construction contractors were employed to work on those areas and after construction it created job opportunities for those working in rail station, maintainers, drivers of train and many others who are employed there. Construction of railroads also had a lot of impact in agricultural sector where the farmers were able to acquire inputs such as fertilizers and seed during planting.

Also they easily transport their harvested products to market for sale which ensured that no waste of those products due to availability of this transport system. Therefore construction of railroad during this period stimulated economic growth of United State. This made United State to emerge as an industrialize country since it was facilitated by improved infrastructure ( Longacre, 2003). Comparison and construction of economic and social structure of US south and US north during 1877 to 1900.

In United State south the rich and the poor live in close proximity in that the war live within the main streets while the poor live in minor streets. While in United State north this is also the case and the two groups lives in close proximity lifestyles In south the houses each group live are meant for rich are but different from those of the poor which gives a distinct difference between the two groups. This is also evidenced in limited state north. Business that each group performs also helps to give a distinct difference between the two groups which is the same between the north and south united state.

While the rich own big companies and businesses the poor remain to be small shopkeepers. In occupational standard the two groups both in south and north United State are the same. The wealthy owns first class businesses and jobs while the poor are left a coach men, mechanics, Laborers, painters and tailors. ( Longacre, 2003). Overcrowding in working class areas was increased in work and decreased thereafter it continued to decrease from the two very poor categories in contract it started decreasing in United State south and later it increased considerably.

In north uncertainty or risk can be thought of as an economic force that reduce the welfare in United State north which can also be felt in United Nation south. In both north and south United Nation companies provides working class with houses to motivate them and since most of those who are doing there jobs are the poor. So they felt encouraged and secure.

Work cited

Edward G. Longacre, (2003), Biography and autography, United States, pg 203-315.

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