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Online Bill Payment system helps keep your information organized in a simple and convenient way. We've developed advanced tools that help organize and pay all your bills, whether they're recurring or one-time payments. Now your information can be consolidated in one easily accessible online resource. Learn more below and pay your bills quicker and easier than ever before.

Background to Research A wide variety of payment mechanisms as well as related services is currently available. This section provides a summary of the uptake of online payments, and is followed by a brief account of common payment systems. A number of online payment systems have been developed in Europe, especially where offline bank transfers are already well established. The most common and easy to use include: online banking transfers where the account holder is redirected to the bank is Web site by the merchant site to effect payment. Other options are: i) electronic and mobile banking which have more advanced features, for example, schedule payments and ii) EBPP, where instead of having to enter all transaction details manually, these are automatically entered from the electronic bill and the payer only authorises. The EBPP provider (either bank or third party) establishes contracts with the organisations whose bills it can present electronically (e. g. utility companies) and will send in the bills the buyer has authorised. The report concentrates on business-to-consumer online payments rather than on business-to business (B2B) financial transactions. With the success of online auctions person-to-person markets have gained in importance and are also considered. The various offline payment options available for buying on line are not dealt with.

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This application administrates its users and customers. The system is easy to use with simple knowledge of computer. The applied principles in this system are instinctive and depend on running application at user interface. The following steps are included in the developing of an application.

  • Information collection
  •  Design
  •  Coding and assigning
  • Testing
  • Applying the application at User end
  • Add and maintain records
  • Add and maintain customer details.
  • Provides economic/financial reports to the owner monthly or weekly and yearly. Provides a convenient solution of billing pattern.
  • Make an easy to use environment for users and customers.

Project Scope

  • The online Billing application is providing with efficient GUI to the user and can be installed in other systems easily.
  • The modules is divided into
  • Login
  • Create User
  • Add entry
  • Erase Entry
  • Modify Entry

Search Name by Mobile Number

  • This project will help the store keeper in fast billing
  • This project enable to maintain a great database of all customers visited.
  • This project is web based and easy to use Easy to maintain in future prospect.
  • Powerfull online payments software
  • Secure, Flexible and customizable.


Security is one of the most important features that customers and businesses look for in a billing system. The all encompassing security feature you do not want to go without is PCI compliance. To be PCI compliant, a system must meet all the security standards set by the PRCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council). If your business is primarily B2B versus B2C, you may want to consider Level 3 Processing, as ell. View Invoice and Payment History Online: Your customers will love being able to view their invoice and payment history online. By offering an EBPP to your customers, they will be able to access this information easily without having to call your office and talk to an employee to get their simple questions answered. They will be able to access this information anytime, virtually anywhere. Talk about convenient! Email Reminders: Another online billing feature your customers will appreciate are the email reminders.

By utilizing an online billing system, you can create emails that will remind customers of late payments, upcoming payments, and changes to account easily and quickly. Store Customer Payment Preferences: These billing systems also can store your customers’ payment preferences online. It is secure and convenient. This way your customer can just set it and forget it. It cuts the payment process time down. Your customers will appreciate how this saves time and effort. Autopay Functions: The benefit that your customers will love if they decided to use is the autopay function.

Your customers can have their bill taken out of their bank account each month automatically, if they so choose. This is convenient for customers who really want to save time. It also benefits customers who may be prone to forgetting to pay. This guarentees that they will not receive a late fee, as their bills will always be paid on time. Easiness in modification of data: The system provides managing of huge data effectively and efficiently for efficient results,storing the details of the customers, employees etc. in such a way that the database can be modified.

The system is user friendly because the retrieval and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system, which provides user to deal with the system very easily. Sharing the data is possible: Data can be shared in proposed system. This means that two or more persons can use the same data in existing system provided that they have right to access that data. Also the two or more departments in an organization can easily interact with eachother without the actual movement of data. The proposed system either does not require paper work or very few paper works is required. All the data is feted into the computer immediately and various bills and reports can be generated through computers. Since all the data is kept in a database nodata of the organization can be destroyed. Moreover work becomes very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers.  Proposed system supports strategic competitive advantages.

Since the proposed systems provide easiness in reports generating it will provide strategic advantages among competitors. Computer operator control: Computer operator control will be there no errors. Moreover storing and retrieving of information is easy. So work can be done speedily and in time.

Tools & Technology

The choice of technologies for your project implementation is a critical issue because it will not only influence your project development time and cost, but also will determine how your application will stand the test of time and will be approved and appreciated by your clients.

With Itransition Business Analysts you will be able to navigate all the technologies and platforms listed below, to choose the most up-to-date and win-win solution. You will be able to discuss and negotiate the choice of the programming languages and technologies suitable for project aims, size and budget. We are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences, because we believe that only close cooperation with our customers all the way in project development can bring a visible and effective outcome.

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