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This document is a proposal for the “Online Notice Board System” as a major project for my partial fulfillment of the course of Bachelors in Information Technology.The system will be a client-server model and also web-based to facilitate easy access to all clients regard less of where they are and also of the machines they are using.I will also try to integrate the system from the computer desktop program into a mobile application app such as Android and Windows mobile.

A motherboard is a wooden or even metal boards where people can leave public assuages, e.

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G advertise things to buy or sell, events or even memos. My aim in this project is to ease and make information dissemination much easier in a paperless institution such as Await Tablet University College. I intend to focus on Await Tablet University College whereby the software will major be used for Administration purposes. It is intended to support the existing method by which notices and memos are posted in the University environment.

Many University and institutions, particularly UTC rely on the wooden motherboard hanging on a wall to display announcement, I. At the library, outside each hostel, at the department offices and also at the administration offices. Many students and staffs face the following problems: 1 . Struggle to check a sing notice board e. G Exam results 2. Destroyed memos and lot of information lost leaving many students uninformed 3. Unregulated display of information (any person can develop a memo and display on the notice board) This project looks at the above problems and try to come up with a solution.

Develop a software with a client and server side so as to develop the digital notice board DON) program that will be installed in various computers that a re connected within the Local Area Network of the university compound so as to help spread the information displayed in the notice board faster. 1 . Check the current form of displaying information 2. Develop the Online Notice Board for UTC 3. Test the program with real data. Has UTC implemented the system in its environment? Will UTC adopt the system being developed? How the system will be implemented. Feedback from students and staffs of UTC

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