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Reflection Essay on Billing System

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Customer  Billing  System Release  2  Overview (Tivoli  Usage  and  Accounting   Manager  V7. 1.

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Reflection Essay on Billing System

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. Reports  are  generated  using  Microsoft  Reporting  Services. You  will  no  longer  need  the   AcitivexViewer on  your  Client  machine  to  view  reports. More  robust  release  of  the  Application  and  Database  server. Better  reliability  with  less  downtime. 2. LOGIN  Screen This  release  has  been  enabled  with  USDA  eAuthentication.

If  you  already  have  an  eAuthentication account  then  enter  your  User  ID  and  password   and  you  will  be  connected  to  the  Customer  Billing   eAuth an   reports,  for  access  to  all  reports/data  Level  2  access  is  required. Home  Screen After  signing  on  with  your  eAuth account  you  will  see  a  screen  similar  to  that   above. If  your  eAuth account  has  not  already  been  granted  access  to  the   Customer  Billing  System  then  you  will  need  to  send  an  email  to  the  NITC   Service  Desk  requesting  this  access.

Manage  Favorite  Reports -­? you. The  list  of  reports  and  spreadsheets  available  is  dependant  on  the  group  you  have  been   assigned  too. Select  any  reports/spreadsheets  that  you  find  most  useful. It  is  easier  to  find   those  reports  and  spreadsheets  that  you  use  most  often,  from  your  Favorite  list,  then  to  look   for  them  in  the  list  of  all  reports. Favorite  List click  on  your  favorite  report  to  execute  it. Favorite  Reports from  the  Reports  dropdown  to  see  a  list  of  all  your  favorites.

You  will  need  to  expand  (+)  the  report Report  Parameters  Screen report. The  account  code  options  available  are  dependant  on  the  user-­? id  you  are  logged  in  with,  but   for  the  most  part  you  will  be  able  to  generate  reports  at  the  MOU,  Task  Order  and  Account  number the  report  generated  for. You  can  enter  a  date  directly  or  use  the  calendar  icon  to  select  a  date  from  a   calendar. Account  Level  with  Shift  Usage  Report The  account  data  that  is  displayed  is  based  upon  the  Clients  your  user-­? d  has  been  given  access  to. In   more  detail  for  each  Rate  Code  by  clicking  on  the  unit  value. Drill  Down  Parameters to  select  JOBNAME  and  Usage  Dates. Drill  Down  Report Since  I  selected  JOBNAME  as  the  first  identifier,  a  list  of  all  JOBNAME   identifiers  is  displayed  in  the  Document  Map. In  the  detail  portion  of  the   report  you  will  see  a  list  of  each  Job  followed  by  the  Usage  Dates  (since  I  had   selected  Usage  Dates  as  the  second  identifier). Earned  Report  Parameters Earned  Report

This  report  will  summarize  by  month,  the  amount  billed  for  each  Task  Order  (or  MOU,  Agency). If  you Summary  for  Date  Range Same  report  as  before,  but  instead  of  the  data  being  summarized  for  each  month  it  is  summarized  for   the  entire  date  range. Notice  the  arrow                        at  the  top  of  the  page  has  changed  from  a  light  grey  to   a  dark  grey. You  can  click  this  arrow  and  it  will  take  you  back  to  the  previous  report. You  can  also   select  one  of  the  Task  Orders  and  get  more  detail  by  account  code  and  rate.

Detail  by  Account  Code/Rate This  report  will  give  you  a  summary  of  resource  units  and  money  value  for  each  Rate  Code  within  each   Account  Code. You  can  export  this  report  to  an  excel  spreadsheet,  by  selecting  Excel  from  the  format   drop  down  and  selecting  Export. You  can  also,  drill  down  to  get  detail  information  for  each  Rate  Code   by  clicking  on  the  Rate  Code. Export  to  Excel Once  the  report  is  opened  in  Excel,  the  first  thing  you  will  want  to  do  is  hit  ctrl-­?  to  select  all  cells  of   the  spreadsheet. Then  under  Merge  &  Center  select  Unmerge  Cells. This  will  allow  you  to  do  filtering   and  sorting  on  the  individual  columns. Setting  Filter  in  Excel Next  ,  make  sure  you  are  at  the  top  of  the  spreadsheet  and  select  the  entire  column  heading  row,  row   3  in  this  case. Then  select  Filter  from  the  Sort  &  Filer  drop  down. This  will  allow  you  to  do  sorting  and   filtering  on  each  of  the  columns  of  the  spreadsheet. Detail  for  Rate  Code

The  number  of  columns  that  will  appear  on  this  report  will  vary  by  Rate  Code. The  date  in  the  far  left  column  is   do  this. It  is  best  to  use  the                to  go  back  to  the  previous  report,  the  browser  back  arrow  will  work,  but  it  will   always  take  you  back  to  the  previous  browser  page  which  is  not  necessarily  the  previous  report. The  Return   option  will  take  back  to  the  Report  Parameter  screen  and  you  will  need  to  re-­? execute  the  report  or  cancel. Published  Reports

Every  month  invoices  are  generated  and  published  under  the  reports  directory  for  each  group. You   will  only  be  able  to  see  those  reports  for  the  group  you  have  been  assigned  to. To  view  a  report,   expand  the  directory  tree  ,  like  above,  and  put  the  cursor  on  the  report  you  want  to  view  and  click  the   left  mouse  button. Publish  A  Report Here    a  Monthly  Crosstab  report  has  been  generated  for  Fiscal  Year  2010. To  publish  this  report  for  future   -­? up  screen  that  appears.

Choose  any  name   Group  all  members  of  your  group  will  be  able  to  view  the  report  and  for  User  only  you  will  be  able  to  view  it. Viewing  A  Published  Report After  the  report  has  been  published  you  can  find  it  under  the  location  and  reporting  period  that  was   selected    when  publishing  the  report. Internet  Explorer  8  Issue When  hovering  over  the  "Reports"  menu  item  nothing  happens. Normally  multiple  options  appear  under   -­? >Internet   http://billing. nitc. usda. gov URL  to  the  list  of  trusted  sites.

See  next  page  for  example. Correction  for  Internet  Explorer  Issue in  the  URL  of  http://billing. nitc. usda. gov and  hit  the  Add  button. Press  Close,  then  OK,  and  hit  the   browser  refresh  button  and  you  should  be  good  to  go. Sample  Error  Message Sample  Error  Message:    You  might  see  this  error  message  if  your  session  has   been  inactive  for  an  extended  period  of  time. The  best  thing  to  do  in  this   situation  is  to  close  your  browser  or  browser  tab  and  re-­? connect  to  the  Billing   System  URL  (http://billing. nitc. usda

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