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Non-profit Marketing

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Poor marketing for Non-profit organizations has been a major setback in their goals and objectives achievements over the last few decades. This has mainly been contributed by poor management and leadership of these organizations. Arguably, the management forms the main platform upon which effective services are devised and applied.

American Cancer Society (ACS) is a national wide community-based voluntary health organization in US with it mission being the elimination of cancer as a major health problem through prevention, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, via research, education, advocacy and service (William et al, 131-132). The organization was originally founded in 1913, by businessmen and physicians in New York. However, the current name was adopted in 1945 when it reorganized its overall structure, and created a research program for various cases related to cancer.

Notably, the organization has a peculiar system of marketing that has resulted to high efficiency in the overall attainment of its goals and objectives. Currently, the organization underscores the need to adapt to the dynamic world by prompting new models of countering the cancer problems. Through marketing, the organization is focusing at raising the overall number of lives that are saved from cancer in its operations and increase its major operations to ensure longer lives for the cancer patients and their families. Services provided by the organization

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ACS has over the years carved an effective niche in US deriving vast trust from the people. Its main service involves provision of cancer information and resources to the patients. Since the establishment of the research arm of the organization, it has appreciated the need for patients’ assistance at all levels in order to perfect its programs. Therefore, financial support on medication is offered to the patients to reduce the overall effects of the condition to them and their families. Using their hot line number (1-800-ACS-2345), the organization is able to respond at any time to assist the cancer patients.

To add to that, counter cancer strategies through nutrition and wigs are also offered to the patients. Tobacco education through stop smoking programs has been established to counter smoking as one of the major cancer causes. Besides, early detection services on breast, skin, and prostrate cancer are offered to reduce the number of people succumbing to the disease year after year. Monitoring and evaluation is also carried out to ensure the correct impacts of the medicine and programs administered are achieved (Donald et al, 52-53).

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