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Nissan USA

How to effectively manage new employees at the Ionians Smyrna plant? II.Statement of the Objective To adapt US and Japanese corporate cultures at the Ionians Smyrna plant within 6 months Ill.Areas of Consideration Strengths a.

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Latest Japanese management techniques and technology for producing vehicles b. Key positions and first line production supervisors are being filled by workers from Tennessee through an agreement with the State c.

Hired experienced and native Tenseness that will be have specialized training in Japan for 2 to 4 months d. Participative management or harmonious relationship between management and labor e. Maximize human resources by implementing job enlargement and enrichment. Weaknesses a. Japanese economy Is worst advertisement for free trade b. The company’s top management Is aged between 50 – 65 years old c. Cultural difference in work attitudes are predominant d. Language barrier Opportunities a. Employee screening by Tennessee Department of Employment b.

Maximize human resources of Ionians USA bib enlargement and Job enrichment) Threats a. Use of robots that will replace human workers b. Temporary or sub-contract workers are opposed by US unions (AAU) Alternative Courses of Action ACACIA: To unionized the new employees thru AAU participation ACE: To establish strong reward system for workers V. Analysis ACACIA: To unionized the employees thru JAW Advantages: 1 . Promotes Job security and decreases Job attrition rate 2. As Americans tend to be individualistic, management could convey messages thru union organizations 3.

Induce harmonious relationship between management and workers 4. Labor cost can be fixed for quite sometime, thus management cod roper plan its cost Disadvantages: 1. If abuse, management may have decrease human resource control 2. May subject companies to tantamount labor disputes induce by the union organization ACE: To implement employee empowerment thru trainings and decision making participation Advantages: 1 . Awareness on the Japanese management style and operations of the business 2. Improves the confidence of workers that increases productivity, efficiency and quality products 3.

Develop teamwork open communication among between management and workers 4. Employee satisfaction and welfare 5. Work motivating environment 1. Abuse benefits and familiarity 2. Compromise confidentiality ACE: To establish strong reward and recognition system for workers Advantages: 1 . Improves the confidence of workers that increases productivity, efficiency and quality products 2. Job enrichment/satisfaction 3. Competitiveness of workers 4. Motivated workers 1 . Over-expectations 2. Bias/sub]activity of reward criteria 3. Compromise the quality of output VI.

Conclusion Decision Matrix Criteria ACE ACE Cost 3 2 Performance effectiveness Turn-over rate Total 4 9 5 Definition of Criteria Cost – the amount of money needed to pursue the recommended courses of action Performance effectiveness – efficiency of workers resulting to increase quality and productivity Turn-over rate – decrease in turn-over rate of workers Criteria Weights 3 – least costly, most effective, lowest turn-over rate 2 – less costly, more effective, lower turn-over rate 1 – costly, effective, low turn-over rate 0 AC 2 is chosen for the most advantageous plan.

Identify/ highlight good cultural corporate traits among workers and promote practice of such in the work place Quality circle members, Department Heads Decorate the plant with posters sharing good US and Japan corporate values John Bryan, HER Department 1 month Send key employees to Japan for training John Bryan, Department Heads, Conduct monthly meetings discussing corporate cultures and corrections if any John Bryan, Quality circle members, Every month Conduct small focus group discussion among workers regarding work and corporate culture HER Department, Department Heads Monitor results John Bryan, HER Department 2 months

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