Luckily several months later my uncle informed

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Dear Academic Standards Committee, My name is Jung-Hyun Shin. Before I start to explain my rapid progression on a high school diploma program, I would like to draw your attention towards my dream career.

Ever since I was little, I dreamt of becoming a professional hair stylist. The state of California has plenty of professional hair academies and schools. However, most of them require a high school diploma. Unfortunately, the lack of a diploma was proving to be a big hurdle in reaching my ultimate dream.

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Luckily, several months later my uncle informed me that there is a really good online high school diploma program offered in the United States. After doing extensive research about this online high school program on Google and Yahoo!, I was quite convinced.

I found several testimonies from students claiming that it was a legitimate way of earning a degree. Most testimonies concluded that the course was doable and students can finish the course quickly if they work really hard. Later, I signed up for this online high school diploma course, paid tuition in full and received all study materials/textbooks in the mail from school

Since I was eager to start hair styling training school in the spring of 2009, I started studying almost everyday. It got to a point where I had only four to five hours of sleep a day. Since I don’t work, I put all my energies into studying for this high school diploma program.

My dream career of becoming a professional hair stylist propelled me to go back to high school. The desire to enter Hair Training School in the spring semester was a source of motivation to study everyday. I wanted to earn a high school diploma in order to ultimately meet both admission requirements and an application deadline.

Although I was not able to apply to the hair training school for the spring semester, I learnt an important lesson. “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” Without having a dream career in my mind, I wouldn’t have made the decision to go back to high school to earn a diploma. Since I had a strict deadline in mind to finish a high school diploma course, I could finish several subjects rapidly.

To put it simply, some courses such as Orientation, Human Relations, and Consumer Math were easier and took less time to complete because the questions asked in exams were very straightforward. However, some courses like Civics, American History, World History and Earth Science were rather challenging subjects for me. It was possible to finish Orientation and Human Relations courses in a day. However, the same was not possible for subjects like World History and Earth Science. It took several days and even several weeks for me to finish these subjects.


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