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Explain the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other in two selected business. In this assignment I will be explain the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other. I will also be chosen two selected business and they are Barclay's bank and NHS. I will be also adding in their functional areas and their aim and objectives. Barclay's bank is a private sector and 27 million customers and clients in more than 50 countries. In Barclays we have more than 127,000 people dedicated to a single aim: to create value for our customers and clients. We returned a profit of �4.1bn in the first half of 2007 thanks to our portfolio of businesses, which is unique in the industry, our growing international presence, and our innovatory people.

Their main purpose of Barclays bank is to be a growing, pioneering financial services business delivering, benefits to customers, members, communities through commitment to value, fairness and social responsibility The NHS was set up in 1948 and is now the largest organization in Europe. It is recognized as one of the best health services in the world by the World Health Organization but there need to be improvements to cope with the demands of the 21st century. The NHS is changing the way it works to make sure patients always come first. This has brought about some fundamental changes in the way the NHS is structured and the way in which the different organizations within the NHS relate to each other.

The functional areas in Barclays bank and NHS are The main function of an administration department is to control paperwork and to support the other entire department, particularly by servicing their needs fo secretarial work or administration dustiest such as filling, mailing and data handing. An administration department would have little work if there were not other parts of the organisation generating work for it. Administration is Barclays bank includes banks to send letters about the customer's current statement. Arrange appointments to the customers with staff and members.

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Administration in NHS they inform their patient about their appointments and they send letters to the customers about the meetings and arrangements. Customer's service Employees become involved in customer service if they have any direct contact wit the customer. Dealing with customers requires effective systems to handle enquiries and problems efficiently. Businesses wish to learn from any other department. Customers service on Barclays bank they give information's on opening current account. They also have assistant in the store to help out with the customers.

Customer service with NHS to meet customer needs and to offer patient good treatment and they also deal with customer complaints. They also inform us about the new deal that they have realised. To give the, service from the government and to the customer needs. To gather ideas and to share any updates to the nation and of course on important information. In order to share the company across to, work on efficiently. National Insurance Contributions: other services that provide within the company, managing health, safety and the environment

Distribution Distribution deals with the transferring of products from the supplier to the customers. There needs to be an accurate and efficient system in place to monitor the location and the status of all of these movements. Businesses try to keep their distribution costs down and constantly look for more efficient ways of moving products from warehouse to retail outlets or from retail outlets to their customers. Distribution in Barclays bank and NHS efficient customer service and efficient security system. They also Easy to locate due to their local branches and Leaflets of different services.

Finance Businesses need to keep records of all money coming into and leaving the business. These records allow the business to track its finances and assist it in controlling it spending and income levels and ultimately, calculate whether the business is breaking even, operating at a loss or making a profit. Finance on Barclays bank have finance department who ensure that the accounts are controlled correctly. They manage with other business so that they can keep in track of their business.

NHS they pay bills and they must prepare accounts and financial statements. They produce cash flow forecast. Human resource The personnel or human resources department deals with the hiring and firing of employees, training, staff welfare, leave and pay. The human resource department maintains records on all members of the workforce, both those working full time and part time. The human resource department has links with all other departments' within an organisation and is closely involved in making sure that the workforce is working efficiently and effectively. Read about NHS Functional Areas

Both of the companies have an department on human resources and they also they give deals with all employee-related matters. They arrange training and staff. And they also deal with wags send salaries. IT Many larger businesses need a dedicated information technology (IT) or computer service department. Responsibilities include hardware, software and the maintenance of databases, telecommunications and other computer-related equipment within the business. Both companies have IT skills and they provides an essential areas and the updates software and maintains It facilities and fix any problems.

Marketing and sales The main function of the marketing and sales department is to try to identify customer's requirements. It also needs to try to predict customer needs in future. This department may carry out exactly what customers want, where to try to find they want it, how much they want tp pay for it and the best ways in which customers can be told about it. The sales section ultimately has responsibility for convincing customers to buy the organisation's products and services.

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