Functional Areas of NHS and Tesco

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ICT is needed in almost every business especially the NHS. Accounts of peoples information will be kept on this so that they have records of who visited what doctor and when. The NHS can be a private company. People's records will be kept by using ICT so that they can be easily accessed.

Customer Services

As in any business Customer Service is required. People may wish to phone up because they are unaware of an appointment or they wish to cancel.

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They may question that they have a bill that is the incorrect amount in which they need people to contact in the event that this happens.

Human Resources (doctors, nurses etc)

Doctors/Nurses play a vital role in the NHS. They help to make the problem better for anyone with medical problems Prior to becoming a doctor they will have to take a series of exams and training so they know how to operate and so they know the body inside out.

Other HR are required like: Receptionists and Personal Assistants.

They are responsible for what the doctor is doing and for how much time is required on a certain job. The time may be different for different jobs. No day is the same at the NHS. Support staff Support staff will need regular training in order to become qualified as the Doctor's back-bone. Read also about functional areas of McDonald's

Strategic leadership

Leadership is important in any job as then you know where you stand. A person that has been doing a job for a while may be required to become a leader in which he needs to carry his team forward and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Without any leader there will be a big problem. Agreement between people is also very important as that way everyone is satisfied with what is going ahead. The leader has the say in this position which is why leading someone or leading a team is very important. Marketing This function in the NHS is to ensure the general public is aware of how to obtain good health care from the NHS. Marketing will also promote a "healthy lifestyle" for the public to reduce the demand on the health services.


The finance department will monitor the budget for the NHS and all the expenditure of the NHS trust companies. The future of the NHS will ensure value for the services and supply of the medical products.

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