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When speaking of measuring job competency, one can recount many human resource actions (Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005). For example, it can be calculated by: a practicing course design, performance counseling, career molding, routine measurement, evaluation, employee promotion, and reward practices. A competency is not, fundamentally, the job. Nevertheless, it is what a successful employee must be able to serve in order to achieve a desired outcome on a job.

The interview and training function may tell an employee right then and there exactly what their boss is truly looking for and if these root tasks are expanded over time, assessments should be positive. What any boss resents is the need to repeat what should already be obvious and spoon-feeding is the ultimate no-no. Rather than being mediocre at a job and simply just getting things done, one must take the initiative to reveal further competencies in diverse and extravagant ways. Figure 1. Factors Accurately Called “Competencies” Source: Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005.

Competencies are model for performance measurement as they are meticulous and manner-based. This means that a certain person is easier to observe and grade. These measurements are minimally articulated in a job description/evaluation, which are still vital, but are later articulated further in performance measurement while the job is ongoing. In addition, competency measurement can either be determined by if an individual expresses the same behavior on a typical day or on a scalar sense. Scalar meaning that a five-point scale is made ranging from incompetent to highly competent.

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The reason for just a five-point scale is that behaviors are mainly just rated for the low, mid-ground and high end of the scale (Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005). Manager’s ratings of their workers and workers’ self-ratings draw a parallel since the conduct is so exact. This way, development is simple since the proper behaviors that are wanted are already described in the scale and one can grow from these measurements. Next, for career planning/development to be effective, one must know that beyond the preferred education and experience for a job, the employee must completely know what he must do on the job.

If employees are well aware of where they are in need of progress, they would be able to see internal and external resources accessible to push their competencies (Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005). The same goes with a designed training course. These are made for the purpose of showing the employee exactly how he must carry himself in his career and what he must be competent at. Still, merit pay increase (pay for competencies) has been around for roughly fifty years and are extremely common (Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005).

Individuals that follow suit in their scalar measurements often receive maximum pay and are therefore, most competent. What's more, one working a job should never underestimate performance consulting. Consultants are called upon to mediate in individual or even departmental performance improvement issues (Building A Job Competency Database: What Leaders Do, 2005). The said consultant knows what the competence levels of the workplace are and how they must be applied. Finally, core competencies of a whole association are looked at collectively and this means that one must be a team player.

An organization, business, or corporation must be competent as a whole and head honchos will not hesitate to get rid of weak links. It is important to really be acquainted with these core competencies to know how the whole force can evolve, likewise, how one can evolve. Discussion Job competency is basically the backbone of a job overall. It is generally revealed upon being interviewed for a job and all throughout a career. It seems that these competencies can actually be classified into mechanical, guidance/management, and business sections.

Each scheme pretty much revolves around behavior and diligence in a field, but is detailed to a certain degree. Firstly, mechanical competencies are leaning toward discipline in the company with respect to logistics, rules, overall information, etc. One must have in-depth knowledge about their job that goes beyond general or generic facts. Secondly, guidance competency simply concerns leading and managing others regardless of how high your position is. One must have their feet on solid ground and must be able to encourage others.

Lastly, business competencies refer to areas such as communication and teamwork. Building with others will in turn build a lasting impression rather than being holed up, which will lead to a road of mundane career path until retirement or resignation. To conclude, it must be reiterated many times over that behavior is key in advancement in a job and it is relative to all forms of competencies.


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