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Nowadays seeing as there is a constant decrease in job opportunities, we find out that the probability of finding our dream job might be limited. But personally I did not experience such a struggle. I chose to study account, because I always wanted to be like my father who planted the love of accountancy within me. Since I was young I enjoyed watching him recording amounts of money in different cases.

As I got older, I thought that I’m a genius in accountancy, but I realize then that the accountancy field is so deep and it’s hard to always calculate things. And because I like to challenge the best, I decided to accomplish the best, so I found out that an accountant might be the suitable job for me.

I find my self as an accountant for many reasons. The first reason that I think I will be a good accountant is that I am good at math and I keep challenging any math problem till I get the answer as well as I am so fast in solving such a math problem. The second reason is that I have good analytical skills. The third reason is that I think I am able to write well, so that I can tell others about my findings. The last reason is that I am so flexible at work and I can solve any matter with my boss.

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Many people might be unfamiliar with what the accountants do and that is surely a result of the poor knowledge of the definitions and studies of accounts within people. The main job of Accountants is simply watching and keeping track of companies’ money and writing reports.

These reports will be read by the managers to see how are their companies doing and how will they do in the future. Then the governments use these reports to tell how much tax a company should pay. Some people read them to make a choice whether if they want to do business with the company or not.

There is a big chance that I could find this job, because as I said before the field of accountancy is so wide and deep. For example there are the public accountants, who work for public accounting companies. As well as there are the management accountants, who keep track of the money spent and made by the companies for which they work.

Furthermore there are the internal auditors, who make sure that a company's accounting records are right. And finally there are the government accountants and auditors make sure that government’s accounting records are right.

In my opinion, this job is the perfect job for me. Although it's stressful but I think that with every record I make, I’ll get used to it , more over this job need some dedications, so that’s why I think I'm the right person for this job. Also read My Dream Job Accountant Essay

Not mentioning that this job has a great salary which is range between 500 BD and 1000 BD, because it needs a strict and accurate person and these two things will always take an effort from the person himself.

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