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A Job Experience in story form

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I am a Reader in English and earn my livelihood by delivering at least 35 lectures a week to undergraduate major degree students.

Apart from my daily schedule, I enjoy writing for a reputed Essaywriters Company of United States and dabbling into creative writing along with that. Whatever the case may be, I am keen on taking my classes regularly with much devotion. My seniors are well-established academics. They love me and adore my dedication to this job.

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But things began to change as and when I earned my PhD from Wisconsin. I began to take Postgraduate classes, 6 in average per week and surprisingly enough I was offered  supervisor-ship by my immediate boss.

As I took to guide a PhD student, I began to draw the ire of a spiteful colleague who thought that taking classes might be my forte but not, of course, guiding a PhD scholar. He began to look for my pitfalls. A month ago, when I was coming back from my class, the Dean of the Faculty sent a message to me asking me to meet him after the classes. My heart missed a beat or two.

 However, I went to his cubicle after my day’s lecture-schedule. I found him engrossed in a book and as I entered he shot me a glance of nonchalance. A fear of some unknown flashed past my mind. He lifted his face from the book he was reading, and said, “So, Dr. Wilson, how do you feel to interact with the new students?” I hummed and hawed to answer. At last I said, “I enjoy really, I do.” He resumed, “Hmm, but I heard that you are neglecting these classes and devoting much time in guiding two PhD scholars.

But your appointment in this college entails a regular class-schedule with the undergraduate students.” I could see ulterior motive of my envious, mischievous colleague behind it. And, of course, it was not totally baseless. However, I rejoined in an instant, “ I know, and I never shirk my duties.” He reminded me again of my primary duties and I left his room mutely, feeling a bit enraged.

I came straight to my cubicle where I found an undergraduate bursar was waiting for my return. I took up the matter he was in need of clarifying and as he went out, I fished out a pen and a sheaf of loose sheets from my drawer. I went on scribbling, lighting up a cigar and holding it in between my left fore-and mid-fingers—

An individual must be aware of his duties first of all. Maybe he is capable enough of accomplishing too many jobs at one go, i.e. putting too many irons in the fire, he must yet be deterred in doing so. After successful completion of his scheduled works if he yet finds time to do that he is at liberty to do so.

I stopped, touched my lips with the pen and continued, If he is honest to his profession, he must not any room for any criticism. Yet, if any sneaky colleague comes to cast a pner in his way, he must not leave any hole unplugged for him to take an opportunity to commit any mischief. He should resolve that duty is his foremost concern. And after that, he must enrich himself in accomplishing something of his choice. He must be free to choose a work he likes to be engrossed with.

 What on earth was I up to? I put out the light and buried my head in my hands , crushed the last butt of the cigar in the ashtray and went on recounting . No doubt, I was deeply hurt by the Dean’s remonstrating attitude. But I was no less surprised by the jealous, denigrating backbiting of my colleague. However, though it is case in point, I must not attack or inflict any harm on him.

If a superfluous suavity is maintained , he may not get any wrong signal. And again, he may change his line of action. However, no loophole in work might be allowed.  Later on, I faced no difficulty in smooth-sailing with my work.

A Job Experience in story form essay

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