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The evolution of job design

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Job design refers to the content of the job along with its nature, requirements, in short it is the job that the hired employee is expected to perform in the organization. This has held a lot of attention from the managers, as their prime goal is to maximize their profits which can be done only when there is good job concerning designing and structure. In the light of ever increasing competitiveness, job designing has gained even more importance as it got in early 1970’ around which time it started gaining some attention.

The reason for the switch in interest and its mounting popularity is that in early 1970’s the competitive edge started gaining momentum which caused other serious problems. To cater to this change in the market, the managers choose to improve their internal processing before hiring consultants or blaming the outside party. So the word job description was very important in that era. After the 1970’s, came the period of major changes of the stock market along with overall recession period in 1980’s which further increased and leaned upon job designing factors. In this period the recession acted as a fuel to further increase in this stuff.

Then comes the 1990’s and the current year, in which it is obvious that the gain in job designing occurred because of the recession in the previous decade whose effect has spilled upon the next (1990’ era). In this era the managers are experiencing the optimal level of risk and challenge for which highly defined and formal job description is now being required by the organizations. So the word job description moved through these era’s where in each specific area it underwent a slight change and had more risks and importance attached to it. Because of this increase in the risk the managers are giving it more and more importance.

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The evolution of job design essay

Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with The evolution of job design

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