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My Dream Job

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Since childhood, it is my dream to be a teacher. It is the noblest job in the world where teacher molds the characters of different personalities not just in academics but as well as the individual. There will be no doctors and any other professions if there are no teachers thus, the future of our nation lies on the teacher 's hands. This principle is inculcated in my mind and it motivates me to pursue this dream of mine.

As an aspirant, I want to be competitive and equipped in the profession I have chosen which is to be a good teacher someday because I want to give my future students the best of me and not the least. This dream motivates me to further my studies in education where I can be a competitive teacher and a role model to my students. I believe that the graduate study would be able to help me achieve this dream.

This program, graduate study, would help me become more develop and equip on the things that I want to learn that I can be able to use in my teaching career in the future. I believe that it is not sufficient to be a graduate of a normal school or college or to stand high in the profession of teaching. Like the students, the teacher must grow, and this growth must be long lines both professional and general. The teacher must have knowledge of educational movements and a familiarity with the progress in educational thought and research.

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Hence, with the progress in education literature and new education textbooks, and adopt the new ideas that are sound that I can learn from the graduate school The zeal with which the teacher takes up and tests them in is one of the most helpful features of education work. The graduate school would help me become an earnest searcher and investigator in my own professional field. Thus, this program would develop my ability to create an effective learning situation.

My Dream Job essay

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