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Music is not just a sound that we hear but it is also a language used by many people. In early times, music is divided into historical periods. Nowadays, music is considered as an effective way of communication. We can say that music serves as an instrument of expression for artist and also for people who loves music. In that sense, people relate their selves into music as an outlet for them to release their feelings or more so for them to acknowledge whatever feeling they have inside.

“Music as a popular communication and entertainment art is a critical aspect of a culture (Jenkins. 2001).” Music has become one of the most popular topics to talk about not just in any TV show, radio show or even in the internet but also in any conversation among people. To this day, music is considered as an effective way of communication because it caters to different genre.

Through this genre caters to different generation of the society. In its context, music is emotional because it expresses the very feeing of the artist. Some music today is too loud but when we carefully listen and understand the very meaning of its lyrics, we will realize that it has a sense and a feeling too that one can relate.

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It is also an effective communication because it relates the very meaning of it to the people who listen to it. Through the lyrics, people connect themselves to the music and that’s how communication begins. Nowadays, music is used for therapeutic and healing purposes.

It creates a language that helps people to understand through its melody and rhythm. From time to time, we have witnessed how music changes for different generation to generation and how it effectively used as a communication tool in different areas of life. Music is widely used on different areas such as in politics, education, and religion and to different people as well.

In politics, music is effectively used as a communication tool to convince people to support a candidate. In education, music is used as a subject or simply as entertainment. In religion, music is used to communicating with the Lord and for praising. For mothers, music is used as a language for their babies and for young adults; music is the very heart and soul of their being. Indeed, music is widely use as an effective tool of communication. Truly, many of us is affected by music because we as individual elate our self to it. Through music we get inspirations as well as learning that provide us the ability to discover our self and to also release whatever feeling we have inside.

Music is indeed emotional because musician relates it to their own self. People as well relate it to themselves that it why we can say that music is an effective communication tool. “Music has been defined so much that it is really not clear anymore what it is or what can be called music (Kosk).”  Nonetheless, music has provided us different types for different people and culture. We hear music and feel it and there is an invisible line that connects us to music and keeps our spirit alive every time we hear our favorite music.  The ever changing of music from time to time makes it more exciting for music lovers to utilize their own self and relinquish such melody that comes form their heart and soul.

While music is important, communication as well is very important. The two link together because music is communication and communication is music as well. We may view it differently but the question on how music is an effective communication tool because it is emotional is simply because it conveys messages and influences people in one way or another. Certainly, music entertains us and provides us the same aspirations in life. We as individual relate our self to music because we are also as emotional as the music.

It is clearly present in our society today of how effective communication is as a tool. All over the world, music is also considered as a language of heart and soul to people. Through its effect and influence it makes, music is a language that effectively communicates to different people and culture. It is a tool that expresses one’s thought and dreams, a communication tool that provides harmony and rhythm and effectively relates its very meaning to people who listens to it. Definitely, music is part of our daily lives and as important as communication, both provides us the ability to be inspired and developed as an individual through its meaning and intention. Music is effective as a communication tool because it is simply emotional on its own and more so it is a line that speaks for its true sense and that communicates to every human being.

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