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The sound of my alarm clock started ringing

The sound of my alarm clock started ringing.  I tried to stop it in my half-awake state, looking at the clock; it read 7:30 in the morning. I tried to push myself up and prepare for work.

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  Once I got up, I opened the curtains and felt the sun’s rays touch my eyes.

I felt that it’s going to be beautiful day. As I proceed to the kitchen, the smell of brewing coffee aroused my senses and captivated me to drink a cup before heading for the bathroom and prepare for work.

After I finished fixing myself, I headed out of my unit and went outside. The sights of the place seem to indicate that fall is fast approaching.  It is when leaves starting to turn to brown, birds chirping and the winds slowly building.

As I walk on the sidewalk towards the subway, I glimpsed at children laughing and playing while their parents reprimand them of staying put. Even though the sun is exhibiting its brightness and warmth, the wind seems to overpower him as it sends chills in my body. After a couple of strides, I arrived at the park.

There the trees sway as if they are encouraging the wind to never stop. The usual visitors were there doing their own thing. The jogger, as I want to call her, was doing her laps.  The old couple was at their usual places reading the morning papers with each one giving me a smile as I headed my way.

There was nothing unusual about this but the weather seemed to indicate otherwise. People looked more calm and cheerful while the birds are as if chirping their last and the wind seemed to blow an aura of happiness to every individual.  As I approached the subway station, I again took the liberty to look at town, seeing that everything seems to be in their proper order, I started to head down.

Sitting in the train and recalling the instances that greeted me awhile back, I started to show a glimpse of a smile.  After all that happened, I know for a fact that today is going to be a beautiful day for everyone.