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Music in My Life

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Music in my life Ladies and gentlemen! Today, I would like to talk to you about music and how it influences your life and everyone's life in the world. But first, let's state the meaning of "Music" and where it comes from. Although it's believed that music era started in the beginning of 18 century, it's more likely that the music originated thousands years ago from naturally occurring rhythms and sounds which does make sense because that's how the first tribal melodies were made up. As for the term and the meaning of Music, every human has his own view and opinion on it.

For many people it's a key to creativity, for others it's a joy for the happiest days or a cure for when they are down or go through difficult periods in their lives. Me, like millions people all over the world, I can't imagine a day without music. It lifts my spirits or calms me down; encourages me to dream, believe and have faith. Sometimes music expresses person's feelings when words are not enough. It makes our lives easier and happier. When you are in a bad mood or feel down all you need to do is play your favourite song and next second you feel like a load has been taken off your mind.

I believe there is no music, no song exists which you can’t relate your life with. Music is the most powerful element that can drive you from moods and situations. And if you use it the right way, you can make your life perfect. Music also connects people. All my closest friends, for example, are connected to me through music. It's universal. So, you don't even need to know language to understand the music and share the emotions you get from it with other people. But the best thing about music is that you can create it yourself and get even more pleasure from it.

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Music in My Life

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For example, whenever i sit at the piano or take my guitar and start playing I get the feeling that I am the happiest and luckiest person in the world. Don't know why but thats what the feeling seems like. It's not a secret that many people come out of depression, quit smoking and all because they distract themselves by playing instruments or singing. And this does work. People change their lives with music, but they need to like it. If you like music and go through your life along with it and make it a part of your everyday life then every day will seem to you sunny and positive and your life will be beautiful.

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