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Morrisons team

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In this part I will talk bout how the functional areas of Morrisons work together. The Finance and Accounts department works a lot with other departments especially with Human Resources. They work a lot with Human Resources because of the remuneration and recruitment of staff. The Human Resources department work out the most reasonable wage for each staff member and the Finance and Accounts department pay them. The Finance department will let Marketing and Sales know how much they can spend by producing a budget for the year.

The Finance department produce documents showing how much has been spent on a particular promotion so its cost effectiveness can be gauged. The Finance department produces budgets and accounts for the Operations department. The Finance department also deals with any high value purchases made by the Operations department for example new office furniture. Finance also work with Research and Development. They tell the Research and Development how much they have in their budget and how much the department can spend.

The Research and Development team need a lot of money in order to do their research properly, if they don't do their research properly and spend all the money from their budget it would be very costly for Morrisons. Marketing and Sales have to do a lot of research, they cover most of their own market research but they also need a little help from the Research and Development to do outdoor research for them. In Morrisons the Marketing department also work with Administration.

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The Administrative staff deals with the mail so if the Marketing staff needs to send some mail the Admin staff would have to do it for them. The Administrative staff also arranges meetings so if the Marketing staff needs to hold a meeting the Admin staff would have to arrange that aswell. Marketing also interacts with the Production department, because they need to make sure that the product they are going to produce will satisfy the Morrisons customers' wants and needs.

This interaction that the Marketing department have made could have been a crucial one because if they didn't tell Production this information the wrong products may have been produced, which would have been very costly for Morrisons. Marketing also interacts with the finance department, which allows the business to perform effectively. Finance will need to know information from marketing to make sure the business had sufficient capital in order to finance any materials or equipment for new products etc.

Administration work with all of Morrisons' functional areas because they the Administrative staff are in charge of arranging meetings, all functional areas need to hold meetings this is why it is very essential for the Admin staff to do their job correctly, this includes booking a room, organise refreshments, preparing any paperwork, notifying everybody when and where the meeting will be held, taking notes at the meeting and sending copies of these notes to everyone who was invited to attend.

Admin are also in charge of collecting and distributing mail so if any other functional area would like to send mail the Administrative staff would have to do it for them. This is an important function to carry out because if urgent mail is not received then it could affect the overall outcome of Morrisons. The Administration department also interact with all functional areas on the health and safety. They train all departments on the basics of health and safety, in order for them to know what to do in case of a real incident.

Also making sure it is a secure place will make customers feel more comfortable entering the doors, which will increase the number of customer visits in Morrisons and more profit. The Administration department is also a very valid member of the Morrisons team because they make sure that all the paperwork is in order and that whatever the other department need they get. I think that without this department none of the other departments would be able to function properly and efficiently like they are now. Part Two In this part I will talk about the role of each functional area and how they work to achieve the aims and objectives of Morrisons.

Finance and Accounts role in the business is simple, they calculate all the money that comes in and out of the business. It is important to have a Finance team because they work hard in setting budgets and producing the overall calculation, seeing if they have made profit or not. So Finance and Accounts help in the aim to gain market share because they add up everything to see if they if they are moving up the ladder. The Human Resources function takes care of everything that has to do with the staff in the business, remuneration, retention and recruitment.

One of Morrisons' aims is to make a safe environment to work in, this is exactly what the Human Resources function intend to do. Customer Service includes all aspects of interaction with a customer and speaks to the organization's image in the mind of a customer. One of Morrisons' main aims is to provide a good customer service and if the Customer Service does their job properly they would achieve this aim. The role of the Marketing and Sales staff is like putting themselves in the shoes of the customer, knowing what they want and providing it for them.

This is important because the one aim for all businesses, including Morrisons is to satisfy customers and producing what they want would definitely please them. The purpose of Research and Development is to design new products or improving an existing one, they also carry out a lot of surveys to the general public to find out how we would like our products and how should we improve them. Knowing what the customer wants will increase their visits which will add up to more profit which is the main aim for most businesses like Morrisons.

Administrations' role is to only do one thing, to make sure the business is running smoothly. And that is why they are in charge of the clerical, security and cleaning staff, having these functions carried out to help other functional areas to work makes them meet their aim which is to make sure the business is running smoothly. Productions role in the business is to obtain resources required to produce the goods or provide the service offered by the organisation then to organise these resources so that they are used in the best way to achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation.

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