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Becoming a Healthy Team: Five Traits of Vital Leadership

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Stephen A. Macchia, who is the writer of this book, is the founder head of Leadership Transformations group. This has been a ministry which mainly focuses spiritual needs which leaders together with their roles is supposed to have in day operation of fellowship or in ministry activity in churches both local and international.

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Creation of team has proved to be difficult as described by Stephen A. Macchia. He goes further to say that; it’s hard to motivate and lead most teams, since they can tend to inspire greatness into a leader and sometimes discourage someone to lead.

Teams can be assembled together in a short while and at the same time they can disintegrate apart faster. Thus, this is why he saw a need to write more about building and managing a team. For a healthy and well organized team, it should possess characteristics of understanding, friendship, efficiency and effectiveness of team work which could lead to vitality of the team. Discussion Stephen A. Macchia, summarized his five traits of a team as TEAMS meaning; Trust, Empowerment, Assimilation, Management, and Service.

He discussed all this with guidance from bible plus reflection questions at the end of each chapter. In this book, he formed a valuable team building resources for both pastors and leaders of the ministries, and also for other individuals who are most of the time involved in leadership process or role. From the back page, he explains how healthy and essential its for building a formidable team. The writer of this book has helped many churches to develop effectiveness in church service. Currently, he has concentrated on provision of practical leadership practices which leadership team does the same.

He illustrates ways of trusting, empowering, assimilating, managing and serving. Lacking efficiency in our church leadership teams may lead to a failure in ministering. This book is outline with guidelines, which shows one to a good member of a team together with questions aligned with their answers of actual leadership to control and maintain team’s leadership track. As they face challenges. In most cases this challenges will rarely be handled spiritually or with clear approach like Stephen Macchia.

In case someone is part of the ministerial team, one is advised to miss this book- Larry Crabb, the originator of New Way Ministry. It has been described that for one to be a great leader or team member, then greatness is the least expected. Stephen’s approach to building a great team has played an important role the literature. ” Compelling and appealing, this is a must-read for leaders who desire to build a biblical Spirit-led team. “-other authors like Luis Palau, a healthy Church, Becoming a Healthy Church Workbook, and Becoming a Healthy Disciple.

To have a healthy church, Stephen illustrated ways of being lifted ahead and developing healthy church. It has been emphasized further that a healthy church will require assuming risks and their management together with prompt evaluation. Stephen’s book is a real and practical publication which has been essential in transforming churches and leadership in ministries. Majority of churches and leaders have tried to implement the main traits and their effect have been applied in many churches worldwide regardless of their denomination, race and size.

He suggested that the tool he could suggest to churches is being guided by the purpose. The nurturing of the most remarkable qualities will be guided by God, so that churches can obtain a good revival. Conclusion Stephen’s book has greatly made a good support in renewal of churches and leadership development universally. His alertness and spiritual guidance has strengthened the pillars of local churches. By reading this book one will find a spiritual guidance in undertaking leadership activities in churches. He has focused on spiritual development of leaders in local churches.

He has also written exemplary books like Becoming a healthy disciple and church. He has helped many churches in the develop revival of healthy ministries. Nowadays he offer practical leadership training of church leaders, as he show them how to be trusted, empowered, assimilated, managed and served, which provides the TEAMS spelling. He has emphasized on the needs of teams which when not considered will lead to their failure. Reference Macchia, Stephen A. (2005). Becoming a Healthy Team: Five Traits of Vital Leadership, New York: Baker Books

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