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The company’s vision for its Efes Beer Group is to become the strongest and independent beer company in the world. It has a separate vision for its soft drink operations, which is to be an outstanding regional company within the Coca-Cola System with respect to quality, volume and profitability as it operates in a geography that encompasses Southern Eurasia and Middle East (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Corporate structure

Anadolu Efes is the holding company of the Efes Beverage Group’s businesses, subsidiaries and affiliates. It serves as the operating company under which the Turkish beer operations are managers (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

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Capital structure

More than forty three percent or 43. 8% to be exact of the share capital of Anadolu Efes is publicly held and about 35% of the company is traded daily in the local stock exchange in Istanbul under the ticker code “AEFES. IS” (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Organizational structure

The organization structure of the company is characterized by principle of good corporate governance and independence of the non-executive directors, which philosophy and arrangement could enforce accountability from the executive officers who are part of the management (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Board of directors

The Board of Directors of Anadolu Efes includes the following: Mr. Tuncay Ozilhan as Chairman and Mr. Ibrahim Yazici as Vice-chairman. The other members include Mr. Suleyman Vehbi Yazici, Mrs. Tulay Aksoy, Mrs.

Gulten Yazici, Mrs. Hulya Elmalioglu, Mr. Ali Sanal, Mr. Ahmet Ogus Ozkardes, Mr. Engin Akcakoca, Dr. Yilmas Arguden and Mr. Cem Kozlu (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Management team

The company has executive officers for its beer operation and its soft drink operation and also officers from support functions who are basically independent from the board of directors. Such practice is part of the principles of good corporate governance, which the company enforces among its people (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Main subsidiaries

As holding company for Efes Beverage Group, Anadolu Efes’ main subsidiaries include CCI with a 50% share owned by Efes Beverage Group. Other main subsidiaries include Tarbes Tarim Urunleri ve Besicilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A. S. , which is a hops processing company in Turkey. It has also Efes Pazarlama, a wholly owned subsidiary which performs the marketing, sales and distribution of beer products in Turkey (Anadolu Efes, 2009). Another is Efes Sinai Yatirim Holding A. S. (Efes Invests) which conducts the Group’s international Coca-Cola bottling and sales operations in Central Asia and Middle East.

Another subsidiary that carries out the Group’s international beer operations in Netherlands is Efes Breweries International (Anadolu Efes, 2009).

Strategic priorities:

Each of the strategic priorities of the company is explained below. 2. 9. 1 Sustain Long Term & Profitable Organic Growth The company aims as it strategic priority to sustain long-term and profitable organic growth by breaking down objectives into short-term objectives that are attainable and realistic. The company intends to do this by creating and investing in brands and pursuing aggressive marketing campaigns (Anadolu Efes, 2009b).

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