Importance of Vision and Mission Statement

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In starting an organization, one essential factor that needs to be accomplished is the strategic plan. A strategic plan lays down the overall organizational activities in the achievement of its goals. At the same time, it also determines the responsibilities of all participants in the organization. Furthermore, included in the strategic plan are the essential elements namely; the mission and vision statements. The Mission statement is important because it describes the reason for the existence of an organization and what it hopes to achieve (Stone and Jacobs, 2001).

In addition, it is a tool that conveys the “goal, organizational structure and strategy, legitimacy, values, participation and ownership among employees, leadership, responsibility to the community, ethical priorities, and commitment to the public and stakeholders” (Heath, 2004, p. 536). It can be inferred that the mission statement is encompassing as to its purpose. It also defines the company in its over-all description. The mission statement is also important in an organization because it provides the strong foundation and area by which the organization will focus upon (Heath, 2004).

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Apart from that, the mission statement guides the operation of the company through the purpose it committed to fulfill. In addition, the mission statement is essential because it inspires commitment, innovates, and demands teamwork among all members of the organization (Stone and Jacobs, 2001). Being an essential element of strategic plan, the mission statement should be effective by addressing the key principles of a mission statement. First, the mission statement should state the purpose of the organization and the opportunities or needs that the organization plans to address (Stone and Jacobs, 2001).

Second, the mission should clarify the line or nature of the organization’s business and the things done to address the needs of the organization. Third, the mission statement should state the values, principles, and beliefs that guide the organization to work (Stone and Jacobs, 2001). The Vision Statement, on the other hand, is important because it states the future goals of the organization. The Vision Statement usually includes the values, philosophy, and societal role of the organization, and other factors which provides for the overall guidance and direction that shapes the organization (Heath, 2004).

The Vision Statement is also essential because it serves as a tool in organizational leadership as it provides guidance in managing changes (Heath, 2004). As an organizational leadership, the vision statement provides the way by which the member develops commitment and the common goal. Furthermore, the Vision Statement gives the members an idea about the reason that the company is striving to attain, values it advocates, and competitive areas that the organization would soon focus (Heath, 2004).

Since the Vision Statement in an essential element of the strategic plan, it should be drawn in a manner that it fulfills its purpose. The vision statement should be consistent with the mission, goals, strategies and philosophies of the organization (Stone and Jacobs, 2001). It should also be written in a concise, clear, memorable, and should easily be understood by the members. Moreover, it should also be exciting, inspiring, and challenging. Furthermore, it is essential that the vision statement be effective.

In order to be effective, vision statement should not remain merely as a principle but should be lived by each member. In other words, it should be translated into a behavior by embodying it in each member’s words, actions, and deeds. Through this, the vision would eventually become the organization’s culture. The importance of mission statement and vision statement is not only limited within the organization. The mission and vision statements will also be necessary in inviting more investors, shareholders, and customers.

For some people, the vision and mission statements are enough to consider in deciding in making partnership with the organization. This is because the mission and vision statements describe the overall operation and future of the organization. Hence, the organization‘s mission statement and vision statement are essential because of their encompassing functions and importance. References Heath, R. L. (2004). Encyclopedia of public relations. New York: SAGE Publication. Stone, B. , and Jacobs, Ron. (2001). Successful Direct Marketing Methods. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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What is the importance of vision and mission in an organization?
Vision and mission statements are important for an organization because they provide a clear direction and purpose for the organization. They help to define the organization's goals and objectives, and provide a framework for decision-making. They also help to motivate employees and provide a sense of purpose and direction for the organization.
What is the importance of mission statement?
A mission statement is an important tool for any organization, as it provides a clear and concise description of the organization's purpose and goals. It serves as a guide for decision-making and helps to ensure that everyone in the organization is working towards the same objectives. A mission statement also helps to define the organization's identity and values, which can be used to attract customers, partners, and employees.

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