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RE: Corporate Vision/Mission

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According to the recent news reports, it has been seen that Turkey has facing some of the serious corruption scandals and other allegations against governments. These scandals creates riots and protests In every cities of turkey ,moreover many high class people and political leaders were accused with money laundering, gold smuggling and bribery. The current situation's impact was reached Turkey's international relation with other countries and put their aids at stake.

Another challenge turkey was facing is Labor market. Turkey has a large population and In that about 68. 1% are working age, but In that economically active are 51. 3% in 2013 reports says. This is mainly due to several factors which includes low participation of female with only 32. 9 percentage of the working age women. Second factor Is, Turkey's grey economy is very large and the Council of Europe has been expected about 33 percentage of GAP In 2011 and many of the Jobs are formal sector in outside.

The unemployment of youth is also a major challenge in turkey's progress, although it is not unique to Turkey and about 17. 3 percentage nouns people were unemployed as per 2013 report. It is considered that turkey Is one of the world's 10 largest economy In 2023 but now the lack of potential and political issues creates regression to its wealth. Turkey is one of the most important countries in the Middle East which is equal to Egypt and at the same time it has a very powerful military and a fastest growing economy.

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Turkey's services has been serves as a bridge between the East and West. The U. S. And European powers need Turkeys support In order to Implement Middle Eastern politics and to malting the Syrian conflict. Generally turkey's connection with outside world was very important in every terms like trade, economic and military. This relation not only helpful to turkey but to other countries. Turkey has biggest trading partner in E ( The European union ) and Its trading accounts are more than 50 percentage of Turkish exports.

For northern Iraq turkey is the largest investor, and these investments and development from them have helped to stabilize this part of Iraq. Turkey is also a major investor in Central Asia and its construction companies can be found at work in many parts of the world. Turkey Is also an Important link between Islam and the West and will likely formed for about many decades and if so to come. Turkey is both east and west and can communicate clearly and effectively in both directions, and also from North to South.

Turkey has been a very cooperative country to the Americans to fight against the terrorist activities In our globalization. After the sass's, Turkey anta terrorist activities were bayed very helpful in global reformation to the world and this makes turkey as major targets for terrorists also. At the same time Turkey is also a power resource for the Americans from middle east. Power is a vital element for the progression of every country and for Americans this vital element Is turkey. In my perception It Is very important for Turkey to Join with ELI to protect the long- term interests of its nation and people.

Mainly there are many reasons behind it and 1 OFF same time it was also a very member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which plays an increasingly vital regional role in the broader Middle East. This relation not only increase the progress of turkey but to reduce the burdens of US and international problems. This will help the Turkey to become more powerful in the globe by the process of designing and creating its future in a industrialization and modern way. In the past Turkey has important position among other countries.

In the upcoming year we can see that turkey with become a developing nation after 2016 by the aid of allies and their relations. Turkey literally serves as the bridge between East and West. About 50 percentages of Turkeys trade is with the EX. (European Union). In 1920, the great reformer, Mustang Kamala Taurus emerged from he chaos of World War I to establish modern Republic of Turkey in order to transform several political transitions and development initiatives leading to its position as a growing economic power.

Taurus understand that an integrated nation was essential to building new state. Turkey's push to Join the EX. has limited the power of the military. In his regime new progressive actions were implemented to improve turkey, like Religious schools were abolished and Suffix religious orders were closed. By 1934 women were granted the vote in national elections and were able to stand for election and be seated in parliament.

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