Mission, Vision and Values

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Microsoft is an American multinational computer technology company which contributes greatly to the American economy through the revenue contribution. Microsoft is among the largest employer in US. The company is involved in development, manufacture, licensing of wide range of software products. Microsoft dominated the home-computer operating system market in the mid-1980s with Ms-Dos which was user unfriendly. In the recent past, Microsoft has dominated the operating system market with modern variety of software which is user friendly and this has contributed greatly to its growth. Microsoft best selling products include Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office group of productivity software (Peng and Heide, 1993).

Microsoft is presently involved in sale of various products besides operating system and Microsoft Office suites. These products include entertainment in form of computer games, computer hardware products such as Microsoft mouse. Microsoft has been known for customer support through Usenet newsgroup and World Wide Web. Microsoft websites receives the highest number of customers as compared to other websites. This can be attributed to the friendly services offered by the company which is customer oriented. The products available from Microsoft Company can be used for either business of home use (Baillargeon, 1999; Peng and Heide, 1993).

Microsoft company strategic plan is to dominate the computer software and hardware market by 2030 through production of efficient user friendly software. The Microsoft which faces a lot of criticism by many companies who claim that the company’s marketing tactics are forcing employees to be overworked while is using the software. Innovations made by the company hinder entry into the industry. Microsoft plan to monopolize the software industry through patent laws and manufacturing software that obey the command of the manufacturer rather than the user. Microsoft (MS) through software industry aim to dominate the international software market. The company aim to make a good name (Drejer, 2002; Weiss and Piderit, 1999).

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Microsoft company products attract customers internationally. Customers of Microsoft products are of all ages and due to the latest modification, the products can be used in business, home or both. Application software designed by the Microsoft are used for specific purposes and follow certain specifications depending on the type of organization. Microsoft manufactures it own computer games which are mainly used for home entertainment and their sale have greatly contributed to the rise in revenue accrued from sale (Peng and Heide, 1993).

Microsoft vision is to have a positive impact on the world and its people. The company is committed in mobilizing resources all over the world to create opportunities where business can thrive and improve welfare through technological innovations provided by the company. Microsoft develops software and other Microsoft products that will stimulate development of computer literate society. Microsoft is committed to production computer professional who will stimulate development in the business industry. Microsoft vision is achieved through manufacture of updated versions of software that are easy to use and hence promote efficiency in any business that utilize products.

Microsoft mission is to assist people each their potential. The company pursues its mission through donation of software, hardware funding and training to programs all over the world. Most individuals in various companies have ambition of becoming excellent in their career and this can only be achieved through acquiring complete and updated information in the specific area of specialization. The individual interests in line with career development are enhanced by the Microsoft Company availability of information concerning the use of hardware and software that are manufactured by the company. The company manufactures software which incase of problem in operation one can contact the manufacturer (Mathews, Dennis and Economy, 2003; Drejer, 2002).

Microsoft company values are customer oriented and recognize the products customer as an employee. The values which are highly observed include; integrity, passion for technology, accountability, self-criticism and eagerness act on big challenges that are offered by the business environment. The company embraces change that is inevitable in every society through new technological innovations.

Microsoft Company desires to dominate the software market through provision of products that will have positive impact on people and the world in general. The company dominion will encourage uniformity in various organizations through use of Microsoft products and this will promote achievement of the desired potential by individuals and companies.

Strategic management should address the public criticism concerning the company products to be able to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan. Dominion in the market can only be achieved if the criticisms are addressed. Strategic plan depends on the leadership of the company. The culture of the company has been worldly known for customer support through Usenet and World Wide Web which enhance efficiency in other companies. Success of the strategic plan will have positive impact on most stakeholders especially the beneficiaries who accrue higher dividends from increased profits. However, competitors will incur decreased sales success of the plan will improve efficiency of the leadership in the company (Drejer, 2002; Weiss and Piderit, 1999).


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