Minimum wage, good or bad?

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Having a job had been a premiere concern for the people particularly when they have the strong desire to live. Nowadays, money seems to make the world go round. Without the valued piece of paper, we could not purchase the basic necessities in life such as food, clothing, shelter, and education. Given this perspective, a person then would strive to earn the valued paper. As this is the case, some people then would try to look for suitable jobs. A person doing so should then take into account the information about minimum wages.


Minimum wage is known to be “an important cornerstone of Government strategy aimed at providing employees with decent minimum standards and fairness in the workplace ("National Minimum Wage," 2007).” It is in this case that minimum wages would be the basic pay that an employee would receive. I believe then that the minimum wage law is a clear indication then that the government is trying to adhere to the concept of justice and fairness.

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I see that the main purpose of the minimum wage law is to safeguard the working class from any abusive companies and the likes. This working people then are known to be workers ("The Definition of a Worker," 2007) and the term employee would then be loosely used in this paper to pertain to workers. The question then is whether or not minimum wage is good for the people then my answer would certainly lead me to assert that it is good for the people.

The concept of goodness or badness is not the issue here but I believe that the concept of bad and good would spring from the idea if whether or not minimum wage law is beneficial. After clarifying this point, my argument would then have to be lean towards proving the beneficence of minimum wage law particularly in the United States.

Minimum wage is under the Wage and Hour Division. It was said that minimum wage is part of the labor laws that the United States of America has. It is dully under the Fair Labor Standards Act that employees should receive a minimum wage rate of $5.85 per hour as of July 24, 2007 ("General Information on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)," 2007).  This provision is used in order to address the growing economic factor of the land.

It could be inferred that the increase in the minimum wage would be to address the growing cost of living. Employers then should be able to address these changes for the benefit of their employees and for the benefit of a good working condition and ambiance for the employees that would lead to an established quality of the goods to be products. Minimum wage law then has two beneficial outcomes.


First is that since it was made to protect the workers, then this could be an assurance that the people who are working would have the fair amount of share from the labor that they have done for the employer. Also in connection to this perspective is that the workers would be protected against abusive employers. Without the Minimum Wage law then the employer could just impose on unfair hour rates and even unfair working hours. It could be seen then that a person who are naïve about the rules of the Labor domain would be lost. Realistically speaking, some employers could become abusive with the labor rights of their employees.

The main reason for this would be a twisted sense of fairness and a dosage of greed. The Minimum wage law then would be an assurance to the workers that they are protected from these kinds of employers. The next step then that the government has to do is to ensure that the rules would be followed and that they should be able to uphold their own laws. Some countries are unfortunate when it comes to the implementations of the laws. The rules may be set but there could be some employers who would feed on the ignorance of their workers. This would be deceitful but as I have said earlier, this is greed that drives them.

 Second is that it would also be beneficial for the employers as well. A healthy or conducive ambiance for work would mean that an employer could address the needs of the employees. The supposed needs then are the monetary factor of the work. If the employers could satisfy this basic need then the services could either be maintained or it will grow considerably. It was said that a person’s capability in his/her work may be related to the job strain that he/she would feel (Gretchen M. Spreitzer, 1997).

If this is the case then the efficiency of a worker’s job would then be affected if his/her stressful disposition would not be improved. This stressful disposition may be due to the strain that he/she might be feeling when it comes to his personal matters. Some people may frown on this point since work ethics would declare that personal matters should not be mixed with business matters. But psychological impacts could not be easily dismissed in this case. A problem would then arise in the work place.

The objective of the government then to put up this law is noble. But what should be taken into account then is the implementation of this law. People should then spread the awareness of this law so as those who are abused by their employers could clamor for their own labor rights. One of the problems in the labor sector is the wage problems and I believe that the minimum wage law could ensure that the rights of the workers could be fulfilled. The question of its beneficence then would be the next recourse.

It could be inferred then that the beneficence of the said law then could be considered good. Since it was already stated before that the goodness or badness of the topic would be regarded through the beneficence that the law would bring then it would be remarked that the minimum wage law is a good output. It will safeguard the workers and it could ensure stability and fairness in the country. The social hierarchy may still be present but by giving a rule for the wages would help ensure that the poor who are trying to make a living would not be subjected further to the harshness or greed by other people.

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