Minimum- Wage Jobs Are A Ticket To Nowhere

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Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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I disagree with the statement, and I think that minimum-wage jobs are a good start for first-time employees and a way to keep the prices down for products and services of immediate necessity and some employers might be taking advantage of people who need job but I do not believe this entirely their responsibility. I believe that everyone has to start a minimum –wage job in their teenage years. When we are young we learn habits and behaviors.

Minimum-wage jobs teach the habit of first responsibilities – going to work on time, following directions, team work, respect for more experienced coworkers and managers, those jobs teach the dynamics of the work place. Low-wage jobs take the student out of school and place him/her in their new environment where they will spend the rest of their lives. And yes, the jobs are of repetitive nature and sometimes boring but there are more important lessons learned there. My first job was as a sales person of eye glasses at a Christmas fair.

I was hired for one month with no day off to sell glasses during the month of December for a small retailer. I was responsible for the eye glasses to be displayed and clean, and sell them. It was not easy because I had to wake up early, open the shop; and my day finished at 8-9 pm when the store closed. It was a very busy time of the year. It was a very hard one month but there was nothing more satisfying then the first pay check, then I knew I did a good job. There is no embarrassing job if you learn to do it with pride and respect.

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On the other hand minimum-wage jobs are needed for the economy to keep the prices of products and services of immediate necessity. Let’s just imagine how much more would have to pay for a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk if the cashier was getting higher salary, or how much more the burger menu would cost in the fast food joint next door. At the end of the day there are jobs that require less experience and no college degree, thus less pay. It works the same way as if we go in a department store and we stop by the jewelry department, we’ll see different rings with different prices because they have different values.

Regarding the statement that employers are taking advantage of employees, I do not think we have to put the blame on the employers entirely; this is why the government of each state needs to revise the minimum-wage salaries on a regular basis so that they keep up with the changing dynamics of the economy. In today’s fast changing world the job market is somewhat regulated. No employer will pay high salary for basic skills job and vise versa no job requiring exceptional skills and knowledge will be rewarded with minimum wage. In conclusion, low-paid jobs are learning point in our lives and necessity for the economy; we just need to accept it.

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