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HTML is a technology which is used for creating web pages and linking all the pages to make a complete website. It provides facilities to embed tags to format and design text, images and other multimedia elements into a webpage. . All these combined web pages are hosted to the internet and is registered under a domain that facilitates it to have an Internet Protocol address to access it over the internet domain (, 2007).

Internet web server functions for hosting the web pages over the internet (Hughes, 2000). It has got a detailed process in its functionality and serving requests, which is as follows:

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  •  It is a computer software which resides on a central place for providing its services.
  • The web pages written in HTML are stored into the web server. The web pages take into account the entire composition of the services website.
  • Once the request is made from an internet browser for a particular web page, the request is interpreted and translated.
  • The requested is served and the web page is displayed on the client’s browser window.
  • The web pages can be either static or dynamic in nature.

Microsoft FrontPage is application software which is used to construct websites (HTML pages) and allows using several facilities for adding dynamic content over the internet (, 2007). It possesses the following features:

  • The primary feature is the drag and drop facility of the page elements that are to be presented in the html page.
  • FrontPage offers rich set of powerful features that are required to build a website.
  • It offers facility to copy files and create hyperlinks with ease.
  •  Offers an advanced set of toolbars which can be exploited to its fullest extent for creating the website
  • Helps in creating pop-ups quite easily.
  • It allows database creations and associated links
  • It works for positioning text in cells and 3D lighting techniques
  • Creates automatic cascading style sheets and quite easy for making amendments
  • Possess the ability to create inline frames for embedding more than one web pages
  • It comprises handwriting recognition to enter text into pages
  • Creates photo gallery linking the images and putting into the website
  • The Microsoft Script editor enhances the use of information in forms and provides client and server side scripting facilities
  • One is given the facility to create online surveys and gather support and results for users

FrontPage offers specific facilities to edit and store web pages on a web server. The components which are used are as follows:

It possesses a publishing dialogue to store and edit web pages over the internet. It also facilitates using single page publishing to add content in web pages. The publishing activities can be tracked into a log file classifying it into confirmations and warnings. The enhanced publishing feature to drag and drop files is quite rich as it can be edited, dragged, dropped and deleted from and to any location (, 2007).

The server editions make sure that a page can be published and managed by using a web server and create reports and filter them according to choice.

The above facilities make sure that FrontPage is used effectively in publishing content over the internet and provides efficient mechanism to edit and delete content.

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