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Microsoft Office Persuasive Essay

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Office Word 2013 Getting Started with Internet Explorer 10 Getting Started with Microsoft Office Powering 201 3 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data with Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Content and/or context understanding Development Information and Communication Technologies (Sits) for Development CITED Applications in Core Sectors of Development Ethics, Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights This is a Unions signature module, which is important for your qualification, as it orientates you to societal issues. It is set on NSF level 5 - the first higher education level in your degree, diploma or certificate.

This is a 12 credit module, which means that an average student will require about 1 20 hours to complete it. You will be exploring the discipline of Computer and Information Sciences, and more specifically, the field of Data Entry and Microcomputer Applications. This module is presented in English only as this is the predominant language in this field of study. 1. 1 Signature Modules were specially developed at UNIONS, are taught fully online and have the support of Teaching Assistants to help the students in small groups. PIPE 501 is the Signature Module for the College of Science,

Engineering and Technology and as such is meant to represent a particular discipline and distinct character values that the College believes is relevant and important for their graduating students to study. However, the fact that this module forms part of 99 different qualifications, including many students from other colleges, was taken into account in the selection and presentation of content and learning activities offered in this module. JEEPS 501 is one of the largest modules being offered at UNIONS: There were more than 14 500 students registered in each of the first and second semesters Of 2014 for this module.

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Microsoft Office Persuasive Essay

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We know 3 that especially when there are so many students, it might feel like you get lost in this crowd. One of the advantages of the Signature Modules is that they are designed so that you work in much smaller groups. As students register for the Signature Modules, you will be divided into small groups of no more than 30 students each, with a Teaching Assistant (TA) - an 'electronic' tutor - allocated to facilitate the group. This means that the Teaching Assistant will help to guide you through the module, provide you with assistance on your assignments and also mark most of your assignments.

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