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Their products can last years like their laptops for example, but if you have a windows based laptop you need to replace it very year in order to keep up with technology. When talking about what to compare with these two companies I am going to focus on the logo, stocks, and their operating systems. Apple is a more consumer-based product, while Microsoft tends to reach out more towards businesses. Apple's logo is more classic and just a picture of an apple with a bite out of the apple. While Microsoft's is just the name Microsoft with four colored squares that look like a window.

Microsoft looks like a combination of Google and Apple's design elements. Microsoft tries to use design elements from multiple companies in order to help them with the public. No more logo in technology is more known than Apple's. Microsoft has tried many times to rebind themselves. According to Matt Burns, Microsoft's logo is "simply me", and I couldn't agree more (Burns, 2012, Para. 3). Microsoft has regained its position as the number 2 most valuable US company right behind Number 1 Apple. Apple is a maker of closed and proprietary Technology products.

Apple has earned a commanding market value of 669 billion in comparison to Microsoft's 408 billion. Apple develops its in secret and unveils them to the public with presentations shown to people all over the world. Apple and Microsoft are in a dead heat this year with shares of Apple rising 21. 5% and Microsoft rising at 20. 3%. "During the intermediate term, it's a close battle, too. Shares of Apple are up 69. 8% over the past three years, just marginally ahead of the 63. 6% rise by Microsoft. (Karate, 2014, p. ) The edge goes to Apple; over the last five years Apple is up 314% compared to Microsoft 91 % gain. Contrary to popular belief prior to the phone 6 coming out, Microsoft outsold Apple on cellophanes. The trouble for Microsoft though is only 5. 8 million out of 36 million was smartness. Apple SO X and Microsoft Windows are two of the most used operating systems. When is comes to the operating systems Apple has more software bundled with their operating system than Microsoft. There are more titles available on the Windows platform. SO X has more offerings in music and video production.

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You can run windows non Mac, but you can't run SO X on windows. So you have the best of both worlds on an Apple computer. When it comes to security of the operating system a vicious program can change the system on windows without you even knowing it. When it comes to Apple, SO X added "sandbagging to improve protection against mallard and Trojan. " ("Apple vs.. Microsoft," 2014, Para. 6) When it comes to viruses you have to buy additional software to protect it on a Microsoft operating system, but with Apple it comes built into their operating system.

When you want to upgrade your operating system it is more affordable with Apple. If you wanted the newest operating system with Apple it would be free if you had the prior operating system, and with Microsoft it would cost 1 19. 99 for just the upgrade version. With Apple you can just install it from the App store, but with Microsoft you would have to go to a tore to purchase it. While SO X has the benefit off faster startup and higher performance, the graphics applications run faster on Windows.

The question of what company is better in my opinion is Apple. All the hardware and software just works well together. Apple offers an absolutely flawless integration of hardware and software. Only with Apple do you get a system built by the same group who makes the operating system, the applications and the computer. The Apple operating system and its hardware make for a far more reliable, less troublesome environment than Windows. Microsoft just does not have a consistent, coherent and unified brand like Apple clearly does.

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