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Mice in Vietnam

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MICE and the potential of MICE for Vietnamese tourism and corporate entertainment In this presentation, there are 3 main points. First, I’ll start by giving you the definition of MICE to understand what MICE is; then I will analyze the potential of MICE for Vietnamese tourism, and I will finish the presentation by showing the potential of MICE for corporate entertainment..

If you have any question, feel free to ask! But to make my presentation uninterrupted, please keep them until the end of my talk. Thanks! Ok, let’s start with the MICE definition or what is MICE.MICE stands for: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences or Conventions and Exhibitions or Events. MICE is used to refer to a particular type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for some specific purpose. So,we can say that, MICE is a type of synthesis tourism, combining many activities. MICE has quickly developed in many countries across the world in recent years, bringing about active development of tourism operations. It becomes a type of industry,called: MICE industry.

It is one of the fastest growing segments within the tourism industry, generating millions in revenues for cities and countries. MICE is also the popular trend of tourism in almost every country in the world, including developing countries like Vietnam. However, Europe and America still remain the major markets worldwide in respect of the number of meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Here is the rank of countries which have the highest number of meeting last year 2007. You can easily find out the top countries, having the highest number of meetings and MICE tours in the world. That is USA with 376 times, Germany with 320 times ….Well, you have heard about MICE definition and known that MICE is not an new tourism type but it is a potential type, popular over the world.

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So now, be ready to move to the next part of my presentation about the potential of MICE for Vietnamese tourism. As you can see here, there are 3 main ideas to say about the potential of MICE for tourism. They are bringing huge revenue, improving domestic services and introducing Vietnam to the world. I will begin the analyses of high profit. Yearly, there are more and more MICE activities taken place in a long time in Vietnam. And MICE has really brought high profit rely on having a large number of ourists in each tour, 150-200 visitors on average. Moreover, the kinds of visitors almost are politics, businessmen, traders… who are willing to pay high cost to have high quality products and services.

In recent researches, expenditure of MICE tourists is about 6 times to normal tourists. According to Ben Thanh Tourists’ Centre of Incentive, Tours and Events (CITE), tourists usually spend an average of US$1,200-1,800 a day, and some up to $2,000 a day. World tourism organization has informed that the yearly revenue from MICE over the world is about $ 300 billion, equal to 10% in world GDP.So, MICE is one of the most potential tourism types, should be concentrated in order to develop national tourism. Have a look at this graph, showing the number of international tourists in 8 first months of 2008. As you can see, the number is increasing almost continuously in 6 first months, and begin going down a litter bit from month 7 However, the quantity is still keeping at high level, bring a big revenue for tourism! In next months, it is predicted that the tourist number will go up more and more. Besides bringing huge sum of money, MICE plays an important part in improving domestic tourism.

Together with the high requirement from MICE, tourism services have improved not only in quantity but also in quality. There are many new hotels and resorts are invested to increase and improve/ As of May 2006, Vietnam has 175 state-of-the-art hotels ranging from three to five star grades, and is able to meet customers' demands for both business and leisure… Moreover, the need of traveling and relaxing are getting more and more, that lead to researches, finding new spots and building new tourism places, open new tourism agencies over country, new flight lines to more countries….So, Vietnam tourism will be more and more developing, attracting many international tourists and satisfying domestic demands. I can conclude the potential of MICE for tourism in this connection. As you can see here, this is a round with 4 factors for themselves. When MICE developed, serves MICE groups well, makes good impression about Vietnam and Vietnamese tourism, there will be more companies choose Vietnam to hold their events (meeting, incentives, exhibitions and conferences). And this goes with the development of domestic tourism and economy.

Tourism with have capacity to invest and improve MICE wider and deeper.And now, let’s turn to the last point of my presentation, about the potential of MICE for corporate entertainment. Nowadays, in Vietnam, not only international companies or multinational companies but also for domestic companies have the requirement to entertain their workforces and clients. And MICE is the most effective way to help them! First of all, MICE is the type of tourism suitable to companies or corporations. It can meet the demand of a large number of people, so it will serve the company entertain with the highest quality and most professional services.The companies do not have to prepare a lot because the tourism companies help them to do almost everything. In addition, combining events of company likes meetings or yearly evaluations with entertaining activities in replacing holding in 2 different times and places will help them save a considerable amount of time and money.

Moreover, right after attending a work activity in MICE, the workforces and clients are brought a relax time with a tourism activities, they will feel relax, comfortable and ready to begin new work with enthusiasm and happiness, so the company can gain really many benefits from the MICE activities.So,I am certain to say that MICE is the most suitable type for corporate entertainment Well, I have given you a presentation about what is MICE, its potential for Vietnamese tourism and corporate entertainment. Hope that all of you now have a clear view about MICE. Hope that Vietnam can take advantages of MICE and grow more and more become a developed country in the near future!

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