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Menu planning

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Hello aunt, my dear aunt I wish you a quick recovery, welcome to my advice on a heart-healthy diet. I suppose that your weight is between 48-68 kilogram’s, based on your weight and heart ailment I would suggest you avoid food rich in fat and too much polysaccharide. Note that your body needs about 430-610 calories per day also remember to include protein in your diet and fruits rich in vitamin.

Your favorites break first should start with some fruits that have healing properties, for example apple, water melons which will cater for vitamins in your diet and further more your breakfast  require some proteins and this will force you to include sausages ,milk and some sweet potatoes. During lunchtime, you need to include leguminous protein for example green gram, some beans or lean meat. Remember strong protein food like fatty meat will overload your digestion. Add some vegetables in your lunch meal for example vegetables rich in iron like spinach, kales.

Take soft drinks like fruit juice of mangoes, avocado or passion, avoid acidic fruits like oranges and also note that you are not supposed to take any drink with nicotine or strong tea to avoid high blood pressure. Take a sister and after some few minutes or so do some mild exercise. Your snack should have low sugar and carbohydrates. When it comes to your supper bear in mind that you need some bone mallow soup, egg yolk, some spaghetti because this will require boiling and no frying is needed. Add some garlic raw onions, raw cabbages, with this I belief your daily meal should not exceed 510 calories. I hope your supper will be at Paris Hotel where most dishes will suit your diet.

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In your second day meal schedule simply take less sugary snacks, warm milk or porridge rich in millet, a sausage or liver which will be enough for your breakfast. Have chicken, fish, some black nightshade vegetables and a little apple juice for your lunch. You can take sandwich as your snack after which you should go for some exercise example along Chicago River, Hopes you are feeling now more recuperating. Have a simple supper that will include boiled mutton and some grains and a cup of warm water. I wish you a quick recovery and good bye.


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